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Shadow Game (2021)

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8/10: Very different view on immigration attempts and obstacles underway. No downtrodden scenes with overcrowded boats and near-drowning people
Thursday, July 1, 2021

I missed this movie when it premiered at the Movies That Matter 2021 documentary festival in The Hague, because of overlapping with another film festival. After that, I had to wait more than half a year for the Corona-restrictions to be lifted, allowing us to visit movie theaters again. I saw it scheduled in Rotterdam, more particular in the Lantaren Venster venue. With me, on a safe 3-meter distance, there was one (1) other visitor on a dreary Thursday morning. Never mind, as I did not come for a sociable theater visit.During IDFA 2017, I saw so many documentaries about migration flows packed in 10 days, that I was fed up with seeing the same issues over and over again. Apart from that, I saw movies undeservedly praised by everyone (example: Human Flow, Ai Weiwei 2017), contrary to evenso undeservedly unnoticed movies (example: Another News Story, Orban Wallace 2017). At the time, I promised myself to steer...

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