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Everybody's Talking About Jamie (2021)


2/10: Tired old cliche that misses...
Sunday, September 19, 2021

Tired old cliche that misses the beat by 20 years It should be good but it isn't. People will want to love this film and ultimately that's what will carry it. I tried to work out why this film is so flat, hollow that is strangely emotionless. The story and sentiment is 20 years out of date. It is problematic on many levels. I wonder who this film is for? It is more a cheap Billy Elliot knock off than a fabulous film of identity and dreams.Jamie the character just isn't very likeable. Rather than being a battle for dreams and identity, the character and attitude is fully formed from the very beginning and it instead comes across a self-centred and selfish. Jamie's character doesn't blossom over the duration of the film, he is already there as a full power drag queen. His amateur debut show would give a RuPaul All Stars contestant...

9/10: Bright and Funny Feelgood Musical...
Monday, August 23, 2021

Bright and Funny Feelgood Musical This is a bright and colourful British musical based on the successful stage show which was itself based on a BBC documentary . A great film to entice all ages back into the cinema . There is nothing like sharing comedy and song and dance routines with a large audience !This film also tells a great story and carries a positive message . Some of the songs are weak but there are a couple of standouts especially He's my boy and surprisingly there are many laugh out loud moments. The two young leads ( Max Harwood and Lauren Patel )give stellar performances and there is exceptional support from Sarah Lancashire , Richard E Grant and the scene stealing Shobna Gulati. Confidently directed by Jonathan Backerell this is a feelgood movie of the highest order.

10/10: Not the same as the...
Saturday, September 18, 2021

Not the same as the Stage for me, but still really good I really enjoyed this film hence the 10/10 rating, at MQFF (Melbourne Queer Film Festival) a few years ago (I think COVID world makes it hard to remember what happened in what year) I saw the film of the West end show and honestly enjoyed that more. I didn't like that the opening song dropping the raps by the peers & teacher but I did like the change to the song in the drag dress shop and how that section showed the 80/90s and impact of Aids. The ending was very well done and the actors all were very strong. I don't know if its a change form the stage or if it just shows more, how much Pritti is giving up/unbalanced the friendship appears. I didn't feel that watching the stage version.

10/10: It's Amazing! Get the...
Friday, September 17, 2021

It's Amazing! Get the Tissues Ready! What's not to love. It's a coming of age musical about a fabulous 16yo drag queen. It's funny and larger than life. That's what drag is all about. The musical numbers are fun and bright. It will definitely tug at your heart strings especially if you're an old queer person like myself. This movie represents the new generation of rainbow warriors and how brave they are expressing themselves at such a young age. They're an inspiration to us all and they remind us we're never too old to be our true, authentic selves. Be big, be bold, be like Jamie!

10/10: Outstanding movie with a Superb...
Friday, September 17, 2021

Outstanding movie with a Superb Soundtrack A very moving film with a terrific soundtrack. This British film will move you to tears. Its uplifting, filled with joy and emotion. Everything you seek in a good film and song are memorable. You will be thinking about it long after it's over. Congrats to the filmmakers. All of the characters were very well acted. Very impressive was the protagonist who, apparently this is his first film. Her is filled with talent and I can't wait lo see what he does next. Outstanding, Outstanding, Outstanding, Highly recommended!

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