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Fear Street: 1994 (2021)


7/10: Way better than expected
Tuesday, July 6, 2021

I was born a bit too late for R. L. Stein, sadly. His Goosebumps books were a big deal with my wife, as are the Fear Street books. Written for older teens, these take place in the city of Shadyside, a place cursed by the Fier family. Unlike Goosebumps, these books were packed with more scares and plenty of violence.There was an attempt to make a series out of the stories way back in 1997 with Ghosts of Fear Street, which aired on ABC Television on July 31 of 1998. Several years later and the books have finally become a series of movies.Spoiler mode on if you haven't seen this yet...The film takes a page out of Scream by starting off with the death of its most well-known actor, Maya Hawke, who plays Heather, a B. Dalton's employee who is killed by her Spencer's employee friend Ryan with no warning as they close...

4/10: Huge Let down
Friday, July 2, 2021

I was really looking forward to this movie. I grew up in the 90's and loved Fear Street books. I had and read the whole series. The movie started out great, in a mall which was totally 90s teen culture. Once the opening credits rolled and they introduced the main characters it was all downhill. The only thing they captured from the 90s was the music, which they ruined by cramming in a different song every 5 seconds in the most random places. That's where the 90s end. The characters are all just a bunch of whiny Gen Zers, trying to dress like they are from the 90s, like typical Gen Zers. Whoever made this should have watched some horror movies from the actual 90s for inspiration, because in Scream, I Know What you Did Last Summer, The Craft, etc... nobody sat around whining about their feelings every five seconds, especially when they were being chased by crazed...

1/10: What...was this
Monday, July 12, 2021

I created an account because of how irritated I was with this movie.I'm a huge horror fan, but I don't think of myself as super serious about the genre. Give me a bad B movie and I'm totally happy but this was just...beyond.Let's just start with the fact that the movie doesn't even follow it's own rules. I won't spoilt it, but they clearly state why the killers are killing and then the killers go against that statement.And I really agree with another review. This movie felt like how a Gen-Z kid THINKS 90s kids acted and dressed. Never did it feel like it was actually set in the 90s not even when they shoved 20 90s songs (a lot of which were released after 1994) down our throats in the first 20 minutes. If these kids were almost 18 in 1994 that means they were born at...

1/10: This movie failed on almost every level
Saturday, July 3, 2021

It isn't scary, it isn't funny, it isn't thrilling, it isn't interesting. The only thing I liked was the soundtrack, but even then it felt so hollow as if they just googled "music from 1994" and called it a day (case in point, Bush didn't release their debut album until the very end of 1994).It tried so hard to be stranger things (but the 90s) but failed to include anything to actually make someone nostalgic. The movie seemed to forget that just adding nineties stuff doesn't make it good. None of the characters were particularly likeable...by the end I was actively rooting for them to just die so it would be over. And no one in this movie acts like a real person. "Wow the girl I had a crush on was just murdered right in front of me, no big deal imma just order some pizza, chat with my friend online...

4/10: We get it. You're playing 90s music a lot
Sunday, July 4, 2021

Besides the music they shoved down our throats there was nothing 90s about it. The clothes, the hair, the language. You could have told me it was set in 2021. The characters were almost entirely unlikeable apart from one or two and why was the main character so unnecessarily aggressive to EVERYONE? The characters lacked motivation, didn't react at all to situations going on around them (your boyfriend was just stabbed to death in front of you, but sure - never mention this again and get back with your ex.) the plot was riddled with holes and the settings were unrealistic. (Only two people working in a hospital? Unattended ambulance with keys in the ignition? Find skeletal remains in the woods and don't bat an eyelid while you handle rotting flesh and bones? OK sure.) It will leave you gasping like a trout at the credits listing all the plot holes and all the "but what about the?... but...

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