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Let Us In (2021)


4/10: For Kids
Saturday, July 3, 2021

I honestly thought this would be good starting off. Yes I give credit for the first part of the movie it was a very interesting story. Then they threw in Aliens and although I love a good sci-fi as much as the next person, this movie had me rolling my eyes. Reading another review posted, I hope this movie didn't cost $20mil to make! No real special effects or moments that wowed you at all. This movie was all on the actors shoulders and although they acted well I still could not help be feel like my time was wasted on this movie. I was watching it with my 11 yo, and some how by the end he had snuck out and was playing his tablet. It felt like they tried to put all the new slag kids use now a days inside this WHOLE movie, which made it salty af *Eye Roll*. I do not recommend this...

10/10: Fun Family Movie
Monday, July 5, 2021

Some people seem to be expecting a slasher horror flick. That is not this movie. This is fun family movie, great for viewers 8-12 and their families. There are some "scary" moments, but it is a great story that parents should not find objectionable. I have watched it twice now. I enjoyed the second viewing just as much the first. The acting from the child stars is top notch. The cast is filled with up and coming stars. Many have active television shows they are on currently. Definitely a tighter budget movie (no noticeable CGI), but it has a great script. The editing is top notch as well. I am looking for to the sequel. I recommend grabbing the entire family, some popcorn and maybe even some root beer floats and enjoying a quality family movie together

7/10: Nice film to watch with your kids or grand kids
Monday, August 16, 2021

Hearkens back to the days of films like "Toy Soldiers" and other 80s&90s flicks. Not quite Spielberg, not so over the top, but I think kids will like it. I was going to tank the review in the beginning because Luke and Carly are within 20 feet of lots of kids, yet they are supposedly unable to yell or to find them, and the news report says there were no witnesses. As the movie progressed, I felt it was not so relevant because this is NOT an adult film, so it requires a different approach. Ms. Moss is a natural actress. Looking forward to her future roles. Adults? No reason to watch this without kids

2/10: In The Vein Of Goosebump
Thursday, July 15, 2021

For anyone interested in the paranormal, believing this film to be the real deal, my advice is move along. I was sorely disappointed being someone very familiar with the actual urban legend of the Black-Eyed Kids. It may be a great family movie to watch with kids 8-12 but wasn't what I expected at all. For a much better film on BEK, check out Hulu's Into the Dark: They Come Knocking. Much more true to the paranormal research

2/10: I think they got the genre wrong
Sunday, July 4, 2021

This should be in the Comedy genre. I get they tried to make this a family-friendly movie, but couldn't they have tried to make it a little bit scarier or at least have a story that made more sense.Laughed so hard watching the last 10-20 minutes of the movie especially. The story premise had potential, but it was just poorly executed throughout the movie.2/10 - Made me tear up

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