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Daddy's Home (2015)


> Step-dad versus stepped-in...
Sunday, June 7, 2020

> Step-dad versus stepped-in dad. In the past for an action movie, Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg came together and now for a comedy, once again the unusual combo returned. Surprisingly the movie was more hilarious than what I thought after listening to those who saw it already. Being a comedian, Will Ferrell was as usual awesome, but Wahlberg contribution had an equally advantageous. The story was a one liner, but individual comedy scenes made an impact for its grand scale success. Generally, the scenes from the comedy films are easy to predict, so in this I felt similarly, but in the many parts it kept turning in another direction. Tried its best to avoid cliches, but we know that's impossible. Either way, it carried out some decent laughs. The movie was all about the dad versus the step-dad. When a man thinks he's finally getting along with his step-kids, then comes their real dad...

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