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The Nest (2021)

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5/10: Not bad! When Meg and...
Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Not bad! When Meg and her mother Beth visit a yard sale, the little girl finds a stuffed bear that just may help with her separation anxiety. Soon, she's dragging the bear everywhere she goes and will only talk to and through it while hoarding supplies for her imaginary friend. What if - and I'm just spitballing here - that bear has a parasitic bug creature inside it? Well, welcome to The Nest, which is one of the weirdest and goofiest - in a good way - films I've seen this year.Beth and Jack have been having some dark days, what with her drug addiction and the financial damage it has done to their marriage. Now living in the home of a recently deceased family member, they try and start all over but are only growing further apart. Now, not only is Meg overly attracted to her bear, but their family friend Marisa (Dee Wallace!) and Jack are overly attached...

7/10: The Nesting. Taking a look...
Thursday, June 17, 2021

The Nesting. Taking a look at the line-up for the May Bank Holiday GRIMM Film Festival line-up,I was intrigued to see by the rather ghoulish poster for a title,which led to me getting into the nest.View on the film:Revealing in a discussion after the stream/screening that the script originally started as two separate plot threads,which were later edited together to become one host, the first non-short film screenplay by Jennifer Trudrung crunches creepy-crawly body-snatching Horror, with a fragile psychological Thriller motherly bond between Beth (played with a great walking on eggshells anxiety by Sarah Navratil) and her increasingly disconnected young daughter.Taking pills for her psychosis and to block out the horrors Beth assumes she is imagining, Trudrung chillingly links the monstrous invader to the opioid crisis,with the family turning into a dead-eyed drugged-up state,and the unanswered question,on if Beth's psychosis is hereditary...

2/10: No idea what happened To...
Sunday, August 1, 2021

No idea what happened To start, the poster image has nothing to do with the plot of this movie. I was so bored watching and waiting to understand what was going on. It's like Case 39 meets Requiem for a Dream, but not even a 5th as good as either (And Case 39 was not a great movie). Are they trying to make a point about addiction? Was it all illusionary? The end made zero sense and was a grotesque scene just to be grotesque. I strongly do not recommend.

Tuesday, August 3, 2021

DONT WATCH THIS TRASH! I was so mad at the waste of time this movie was that I LITERALLY MADE AN ACCOUNT JUST TO EXPRESS HOW GOD AWFUL THIS WAS. I love watching bad movies for the hilarity, but even as a bad movie watch its awful. You see a bug like a whole 4 times in this movie, there is barely any horror to even talk about. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME, you will not get it back!

9/10: Surprise! I rented this movie...
Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Surprise! I rented this movie out of redbox thinking "yeah okay cool horror movie night" i did not expect it to be so in control and solid and quite frankly, actually kind of scary. Well done, not as over the top as the cover/ title screen would lead you to believe, way more donked up than that. I give it an oh hell yeah and go ahead and make a sequel. Do that thing.

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