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Dragon Fury (2021)

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1/10: Bad rip-off of Dog...
Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Bad rip-off of Dog Soldiers but with 'dragons' This movie (a generous description) is bad on so many levels, and I can't even give it the caveat of "at least they were trying to tell their own story". Because they weren't. It slowly becomes more obvious that they wanted to make a bigger, meaner Dog Soldiers, and I'm fairly certain the ' twist reveal' is just a slightly reworded version of the reveal in that movie.The acting is slightly below average. About what I expect from low budget films. The characters are quite unbelievable, and they're so poorly written. I mean, who is told they have to bring two trusted soldiers with them into the wilderness to hunt a creature and chooses to bring the 'soldier' who needs crutches to walk around? It's not like it was some hacking mission and she was the only computer expert you could get.The script isn't...

1/10: Take these anti-radiation pills...
Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Take these anti-radiation pills. A dragon has been created from radioactivity from the buried nuclear waste in Wales. A group of special ops back from some failed mission is tasked to find out what is going on.This is a low budget film. I believe radiation created Godzilla too. The acting and plot was bad and special effects could have been better. The are had no fencing or no signs. There is no such thing as pills to protect from external radiation exposure. KI pills are used only to protect from ingested/inhaled radioactive iodine from an airborne plume by saturating the thyroid so your body can not use the radioactive iodine.Guide: No sex or nudity. Don't recall any swearing.

1/10: Beyond the realms of viewing...
Saturday, June 26, 2021

Beyond the realms of viewing tolerance This is the first time I have ever reviewed a movie and I feel duty bound to warn my fellow homosapians away from what will and can only be an insult to your intelligence. The rating should state "this film contains scenes (all of them) that viewers will undoubtedly find offensive. The film contains gratuitous scenes (all of them) of nonsense and offensive dialogue, in the form of what the producers appear to call a "script". Viewer discretion is absolutely not advised. Any and all potential viewers are advised to pull out their own teeth as a less painful alternative to watching this movie. You have been warned.

1/10: UM.... NO. Look, the concept...
Saturday, June 26, 2021

UM.... NO. Look, the concept of the movie is fine. A group of special forces being sent into a radioactive area to search for an unidentified flying creature. Could be a mix between Godzilla and Jurassic Park and actually work but THIS is a flop.The special forces consists of a grandmother, a disabled woman with PTSD and a wannabe hard-ass. It was like watching a wild turkey hunt being conducted by my grandmother and crazy aunts!! Dysfunctional, overly dramatic, lacking cohesiveness and WTF!The special effects weren't special at all. They are poorly done and just make for some really cheesy action scenes.This is not a film I'd recommend.

1/10: Seriously? I know movies are...
Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Seriously? I know movies are about suspending reality but can you really expect me to believe a grandmother in her 60's and two overweight women, one of them hysterical before the movie even gets off the ground, are Special Forces? Even my imagination can't stretch that far.Lets not even start on the appalling acting and dreadful dragon fx.

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