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pig (2021)


10/10: Some very important things you...
Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Some very important things you may have missed (Spoilers below) I feel a few people here have really taken this movie completely at face value and come away thinking it is a boring movie about a dude trying to get his pig back. Let me try and share a few of the really outstanding storytelling bits I noticed upon initial viewing.Firstly, I think the whole reason Robin (Nic Cage) is actually so devastated about the pig is that he never properly dealt with the trauma of losing his wife. He stops playing that tape at the beginning as soon as you hear her voice because he doesn't want to deal with the memories it will bring back up. Throughout the quest to get his pig back he finally starts to properly grieve for his wife and get closure with old friends and acquaintances. When he says "because I love her" in response to Amir's "why are we...

9/10: Hello, ending explainer here (massive...
Sunday, July 18, 2021

Hello, ending explainer here (massive spoilers ahead) I think a lot of you are misunderstanding the point of the movie as a whole... I'm seeing a lot of reviews complaining that the "story went nowhere" or that it was "entertaining, but nothing happened."Yes, the beginning of the story is about a broken man looking for his lost truffle pig, but the actual progression of the story is through Robin Feld's emotions. This isnt a movie about healing, this is a movie about breaking your barriers and *beginning* to heal. Anyone notice how at the beginning of the movie he couldnt listen to the tape his wife made him, but at the end he sat and listened to the whole thing?To be clearer... the pig was, metaphorically, Lorelai Feld. Robin had attached the idea of his wife to an animal so that he could convince himself Lorrie was never really gone. And that's the beauty of...

9/10: A pig, truffles and a...
Thursday, August 5, 2021

A pig, truffles and a tormented soul. The story is not complicated, but the emotional journey is only felt by someone who has suffered loss. Nicholas Cage finally gives a performance without his superficial, whining, off the wall craziness. His character is genuine and carries you through his emotional torment, genius and sadness with a believable performance. He reconciles the loss of his wife through the loss of a pet pig he loves. The pig representing the love he had for his deceased wife a decade ago. The line of the movie that tells the most of his character's message, "We don't get a lot of things to really care about", hones in on the theme of most people's lives, remember what is important in life, not the fame and fortune, but those you love. Great movie, great directing and a solid performance by the cast.

9/10: "We don't get a...
Sunday, July 18, 2021

"We don't get a lot of things to really care about." What a beautiful movie. Not everyone is going to love it, I've seen some of the reviews here, and frankly, they didn't understand what the film was going for. Seldom has there been such a raw portrayal of love and caring for the things that really matter, and decluttering life of all the unnecessary BS. A film that doesn't treat it's audience like idiots, letting you paint your own picture while still wholly understanding the message. Reserved and much more than skin deep, Nicolas Cage delivers a painfully Oscar-worthy performance. Go and see this movie!

9/10: Not for the simple, or...
Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Not for the simple, or brand-obedient. Cage is an actor. Hire him to do a job and he'll do it. The story lacks nothing. I counted one slow moment, but the rest kept me engaged and thinking, and the lead character was full of surprises. If a scene is supposed to shift from one emotion or tension to another, the writers did their job. A few scenes were worth the whole movie, in fact. And one forgotten 80s actor shows up and destroys it. He will get calls. Cage cracks it open, as he should, and Arkin is scarily good.It's not about a truffle pig, avenger fans. Shoo!

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