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pig (2021)


Pig is a drama and...
Friday, July 30, 2021

Pig is a drama and thriller. The story is real, authentic, touching, and emotional. Such Individual movies are known as "Cinema" and are the building blocks of the Hollywood Industry. Such movies aren't considered worthy of watching and praising just because they don't belong from a Franchise or Studio. I love watching such movies but only a few movies touch me deeply in this genre like Joker 2019 and the Pursuit of Happiness were my favorite individual movies. I watched this movie but I didn't find its story epic. Yes, it was a good and decent story but as I said that in this genre, only a few movies can touch my heart but unfortunately pig wasn't among all that. But But But... the character of Nicolas Cage is just amazing in this movie and an Oscar-winning character. His character development was too good and his performance was just excellent. I would only suggest you...

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