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The Harder They Fall (2021)


8/10: Well, now there's us..., and there's y'all
Thursday, November 4, 2021

I happen to belong to that school of thought that says I've never seen a Western I didn't like. As I come here for this review, "The Harder They Fall" only merits a 6.0 rating from over four thousand viewers, and that to me seems considerably on the low side. Although the film really doesn't break any new ground in the area of story telling, I did find it highly entertaining and enjoyable. As I read some of the more negative reviews, there seems to be a preponderance of those who can't accept the idea of black cowboys in the Old West, but even a modest internet search will reveal that there were plenty, many of them freed slaves who went West following the Civil War. And it's not like the concept has never been attempted before. As far back as the Thirties, there were a handful of all Black Western films starring Herb...

7/10: Black western hits the marks
Saturday, October 23, 2021

As "The Harder They Fall" (2021 release; 137 min.) opens, we are reminded that "Although These Events Are Fictional, These. People. Existed." We watch as a Black family in the remote West sometime in the mid-to-late 19th century is about to have dinner, someone knocks on the door. We have no idea who this is, but the guy goes on to brutally murder the parents in front of the young son, who for good measure gets a cross cut into his forehead. We then go to "Salinas, Texas, Some Time Later", and the young boy is now a grown man (still with the cross scar on his forehead), named Nat Love, and part of the Love gang. He is searching for the killer of his parents, and it's not long before all hell breaks loose... At this point we are 10 min into the film.Couple of comments: this is the feature-length debut of British musician...

9/10: An impressive modern western
Saturday, November 6, 2021

As this western opens a reverend, his wife and their ten year old son are sitting down for dinner when a man, with associates, comes to the door. He clearly has a grudge to settle with the reverend. The woman then the reverend are gunned down before the man cuts the boy's forehead with a razor.Years pass and the boy, Nat Love, has become a man. He is operating on the wrong side of the law; although he and his gang target other thieves rather than robbing banks himself. He has also been hunting down those who killed his parents; apart from Rufus Buck, the actual killer, who is rotting in Yuma Jail. One day Buck is being transferred by train and is sprung by his gang; they return to their hometown of Redwood. Nat's latest robbery has left them desperately short of funds. Buck wants the money back with interest and Love wants his revenge. Inevitably...

6/10: It's OK, without the corral
Sunday, November 7, 2021

I suppose the underlying message here is that not all real cowboys looked like John Wayne or Jimmy Stewart.... Otherwise, it's a pretty weakly structured story of revenge that, unfortunately, left me pretty cold. It starts in the home of a preacher having a family supper when in comes a man, wielding two golden guns. He quickly dispatches the parents, and carves the young son with a cross on his forehead. Shift on twenty years and this young boy "Nat" (Jonathan Majors), having tracked down and killed all the other members of the gang, discovers that their leader (Idris Elba) has escaped from prison and so his final plan for revenge is soon in play. Problem with this is that there are just far too many characters, most of whom add virtually nothing to the pretty standard, indeed really quite contrived, central narrative. Elba has no menace whatsoever, and the supporting cast all seem to lack any real commitment...

6/10: Entertaining Black Western
Sunday, October 24, 2021

I saw "The Harder They Fall", starring Jonathan Majors-Loki_tv, White Boy Rick; Zazie Beetz-Atlanta_tv, Joker; Regina King-Watchmen_tv, This Christmas and Idris Elba-Cats, This Christmas.This is a Black Western that is based on real people that existed in the old west. Idris plays a bad_to_the_bone outlaw that kills Jonathan's parents. Jonathan was 10 years old at the time but when he gets older, he goes after his revenge on Idris and his bad_to_the_bone gang. Jonathan picks the gang members off, one by one, but by the time he gets to Idris, Idris is in prison for life, so, out of his reach. Regina is Idris' girlfriend-and the leader of Idris' gang, in his absence-and she gets their gang to break Idris out. Jonathan hears about this and gets his own gang together-including his girlfriend, Zazie-and decides to go after Idris and finish...

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