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Jurassic Hunt (2021)

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3/10: If it works. It works
Monday, September 6, 2021

Minor plot spoilers. There is an isolated area where people pay to hunt dinosaurs. They where bags over their heads while traveling there, even though they are in an enclosed helicopter and can not see out. The park is not interested in repeat business. Hunters tend to be food, although dinosaurs die with a quick shot or arrow to the head. Zahn Parker (Courtney Loggins) is an activist who wants to expose the hunt. The owners want to make her a raptor snack. The hunters have to fight dinosaurs and humans in order to get our.We have no idea where these animals came from. While they created characters, I never cared for any of them. Nobody cracking jokes like Will Smith.Guide: F-word (caught one MF) no sex or nudity

2/10: Rooted for the dinosaurs
Sunday, August 29, 2021

In Jurassic Park likable humans in peril drove the plot. In this movie despicable sub-humans in peril drove unintended laughs. I missed the beginning so don't know if this was an Asylum production, but it had all the hallmarks of that august institution: non-actor actors, pointless dialog, plot with more holes than substance, lousy production values, and special effects that are neither special or effects.Ten stars for doing away with the appalling human beings that infest this hunt. Minus eight stars because a few don't receive their deserved horrible deaths.Two stars

1/10: IS That A JOKE
Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Dude come on :) i can even make dinos better than this ! I think i just watching a kid show . Im sorry for my time that i wasted ...1. Directing medium. 2. Gfx awful. 3. Screenplay awful. 4.actors super AmateurWe are now in 2021. We should not see such scandals i just like the poster and you got 1 star for that

10/10: Is a solid movie and it holds itself as a trilling experience for everyone
Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Is a solid movie and it holds itself as a trilling experience for everyone. Yes, people from the original cast are not there, however there is actually not a logical reason in the time line to make them go back

1/10: Amazing
Sunday, September 12, 2021

In fact, so amazed at how bad this is I couldn't get beyond 10 minutes. Make the right choice and just find something else to watch. Anything else.... Yea it's really that bad. 0/10 on all fronts. I gave it 1 stars for the incredibly original title

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