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The Starling (2021)


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Saturday, October 23, 2021

Full Analysis at https://www.spotamovie.com/ - **Intro**- The Starling is an American movie released in 2021. It belongs to the category of drama, and it lasts for one hour and forty-two minutes. The Starling let us connect with nature and rediscover the inner desire of love and life that we sometimes lose because of unfortunate events. We recommend watching the movie because it reminds us how fragile and strong we are at the same time. And to increase your strength, let us guide you through this story. - **The Story** - Lilly and Jack are a couple full of dreams and love for their baby Katie. But, unfortunately, due to a tragic event, their lives change, taking paths unthinkable for them. Life has the power to surprise us when we forget how something terrible but natural can easily break us. Therefore Lilly and Jack begin a personal journey among the paths of grieving, mental health and life to, hopefully, find...

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