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Yakuza Princess (2021)


4/10: Confused and juvenile attempt at martial arts action/fantasy fusion
Monday, September 6, 2021

The lead male character acts like a clueless and/or crazed zombie most of the film.....the lead female character is not engaging....both in looks and acting ability. Half the time we don't know where we are or who is who. The martial arts action scenes are basic....usually ending with someone stabbed or shot. Then you get these bizarre and disconnected scenes....like the mindless violence at the antique store.....the lead female beating up the lead male who saved her life (there goes that love story!)......or old men dragging the lead male character through mud for no apparent reason....or how about a cemetery at night with football stadium lighting? Finally a guy who gets run through with a sword.....but has to save his honor by finishing the job with hari kari by the same sword....really? Summed up.....this is a juvenile and mindless attempt at a martial arts fantasy flick....without the...

6/10: Wow, This Was Bad
Thursday, September 23, 2021

What a horrible movie!! They didn't even make the story easy to follow along with. There was one point where she just takes a bath for NO reason, I was like WTH!? I would like to give a 10 for the full frontal nude part in the beginning. I honestly cannot recall the last movie that showed that so kudos! That being said I love Mr. Meyers, he reminds me of a young Joaquim Phoenix, extremely handsome.His talent was just wasted on this film. I myself enjoy a graphic novel although this one I have yet to read. "I will call you Shiro" Like he was a dog or something. I will say this, IF you enjoy movies with a lot of POINTLESS action and fighting then this is your movie, look no further. I myself need a bit of logic with my movie. This one kept my eyes rolling at how lazy the scrip was and it...

5/10: Half good & half number of stars
Friday, September 3, 2021

First half of the movie is gold then from the point where they arrive at the farm one can stop watching because its just bad ..... It starts like a true blockbuster then it goes to a grade B movie and it pisses you off you wachet the first half of the movie just to get crap in the second half.2 amazing actors: Jonathan Rhys Meyers & Tsuyoshi Ihara , manage to deliver amazing performance but the director and the rest of cast are week and the script is trash and not even this guys with there great performance can not save this trash of a movie and the talent of this two great actors is just waisted.One should only watch half of the movie and it will not be desapointed .Movie gived a first good half and it gets half of the stars

6/10: The action surprisingly intense, and bloody gore! Really should watch it! Well done
Saturday, October 30, 2021

This film start with a bunch of people been killed, and looks like a little boy will be kill too! As turnout, this film is about a Yakuza heiress "Akemi" need to team up with an amnesiac hitman "Shiro" to take revenge on the gang leader "Ken'Ichi" who killed her family! Entire film full of quite intense, and bloody gore scene! Such as, bloody stabbing, bloody shooting, bloody chopping, martial art fighting, and things broken scene! Make the film quite watchable! At the end, Akemi spare Shiro life, after killing the last man of Ken'Ichi! Still have a post credit scene! Ken'Ichi listening to his phone, must have knowing his last man is dead! That's it! A quite entertain film

8/10: Low reviews here are idiotic
Thursday, September 16, 2021

If you carefully go through some low reviews here , they're absolutely idiotic in content. Some people have just trashed this movie in one line, how can that be even considered a review. I don't understand what or who looks into the review system here. This movie is not a perfect one ,but definitely doesn't deserve such slow rating. It's choppy in some parts with the story,but the action and direction is in place. Could've been a top notch for a tight story.No complaints though, enjoy and don't criticize too much

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