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Life of Crime (2013)

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5/10: It's more similar to...
Thursday, September 25, 2014

It's more similar to Leonard's The Big Bounce than to Jackie Brown "She looks like a million bucks."If you were to run into Life of Crime prior to having seen Quentin Tarantino's Jackie Brown then you probably wouldn't feel in the mood to see it considering Daniel Schechter's film is a bit of a letdown. Despite being a prequel to Jackie Brown, which was also based on Elmore Leonard's novel, this film doesn't have that same punch to it. This proves just how difficult it is to do what Tarantino does so well. Leonard always writes rich characters who at times seem quirky. He mixes black humor with action pretty well, but in Life of Crime that spark is missing. The film relies on a talented cast who make the movie a bit more entertaining, but the story simply fails to engage and at times everything seems so light and pointless. There...

6/10: Wryly Humorous Crime Caper An...
Thursday, September 25, 2014

Wryly Humorous Crime Caper An enjoyably complicated crime caper flick set in 1978 (the same time as that of THE DALLAS BUYERS CLUB), made more humorous by the deadpan way in which it is acted and directed. The mainspring of the plot involves the kidnapping of affluent wife Mickey (Jennifer Aniston) by two would-be criminals Ordel (Yasiin Bey aka Mos Def), and Marshall (Will Forte). The only snag is that they have not thought the strategy through, and hence their desire to obtain a $1m. ransom from Mickey's crooked husband Frank (Tim Robbins) goes horribly wrong. Add to the mix an enjoyably cranky Nazi sympathizer Richard (Mark Boone Jr.) and a self-interested girl out for what she can get, especially from Frank (Isla Fisher) and there are plenty of opportunities for comic set-pieces.In thematic terms, LIFE OF CRIME shows what happens when people are unable to communicate with one another. Frank is so wrapped up...

3/10: Waste of a good cast...
Saturday, January 10, 2015

Waste of a good cast! 3/10 Review: I found it really hard to get into this film because the storyline was weak and extremely unrealistic. The movie is based around a couple of guys who kidnap a rich man's wife in order to get a million dollars for her release. Not the most unique idea for a film! Anyway, I was expecting it to be witty, judging by the cast, but it was more silly than amusing. Mos Def and John Hawkes come up with the dumbest of plans, which was just not that well thought through. When there plan starts to go downhill, there terrible criminal minds come up with another sketchy plan to get themselves out of the mess they made. The storyline goes from one extreme to another and it doesn't help that they have a Nazi loving criminal to help them, who also has personal issues. Basically, the movie wasn't funny or...

9/10: Slyly entertaining! 'LIFE OF CRIME...
Thursday, October 2, 2014

Slyly entertaining! 'LIFE OF CRIME': Four and a Half Stars (Out of Five)Caper comedy flick based on another Elmore Leonard novel, 1978's 'The Switch'. It tells the story of two inept ex-cons that kidnap the wife of a cheating corrupt real-estate developer; who was planning to divorce his wife and (therefore) refuses to pay the ransom. The plot is very similar to the 1986 hit comedy film 'RUTHLESS PEOPLE'; which is why a film adaptation, of 'The Switch', was delayed until now. It was directed and written (for the screen) by Daniel Schechter and stars Jennifer Aniston, John Hawkes, Mos Def, Tim Robbins, Will Forte, Isla Fisher and Mark Boone Junior. I found it to be really well made and slyly entertaining. Louis Gara (Hawkes) and Ordell Robbie (Def, going by Yasiin Bey in this film) are two small-time criminals planning to kidnap the wife of a rich real-estate developer, named Frank Dawson (Robbins...

5/10: no Jackie Brown, no Ruthless...
Tuesday, September 29, 2015

no Jackie Brown, no Ruthless People The summary of this described it as a comedy. I didn't find it funny."Life of Crime" from 2013 is based on an Elmore Leonard story, "The Switch," which has some of the same characters as "Jackie Brown." Sadly this is not in Jackie Brown's league. I'll give it this - it has a great soundtrack.Jennifer Aniston stars as Mickey, married to a prize jerk, Frank (Tim Robbins), who is involved in shady real estate deals and tax evasion. Unbeknownst to her, he's channeling money to a secret bank account, and his trips include meeting up with a young girlfriend Melanie (Isla Fisher). He also plans on divorcing Mickey and marrying Melanie.Louis (John Hawkes) and Ordell (Mos Def) have the idea of kidnapping Mickey and holding her for a million dollars ransom. They figure they know too much about his illegal activities for him to refuse.It turns out...

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