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Mission: Impossible III (2006)

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9/10: MI:3 Raises the Bar...
Tuesday, May 2, 2006

MI:3 Raises the Bar Again When you walk into a movie expecting to be blown away by death defying stunts and tremendous special effects, it's easy to be disappointed. What a monumental task directors had in making MI3 even more over-the-top and more spectacular than the first two. Mission Accomplished. (Sorry.) Tom Cruise takes Ethan Hunt to new heights. Fishbourne is great as the ambiguously dirty IMF leader. But the best actor in the movie is Philip Seymour Hoffman. Not many actors can take a role that's more one-dimensional than Doctor Evil and turn it into a deeply layered performance. From an acting standpoint, there was almost a feeling that he was too good for this movie and the actors around him. He doesn't breathe the same air as this cast, not even Tom Cruise. The women in the movie are a dichotomy. On the one hand you have Bahar Soomekh, an unknown...

5/10: Too much Cruise, not enough...
Sunday, May 7, 2006

Too much Cruise, not enough Schifrin, as usual The TV show, which I loved, was about outsmarting people. The IMF was a government sponsored confidence team whose job it was to manipulate events in such a way as to thwart and get rid of the bad guys without anybody even knowing they existed. They use some gadgets but mostly impersonate people to set things up so that they didn't even need to be there for things to play out the way they wanted. They hardly ever used violence and their plots never came down to a car chase, a firefight or a boxing match between the head of the team and the bad guy. That would have been way too sloppy. They would be clinking champagne glasses, knowing "Our work here is done" while Lalo Schrifin's classic theme, which had followed them throughout, accenting their every move, began to play in an upbeat mode in celebration of their...

6/10: Okay Blockbuster MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 3...
Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Okay Blockbuster MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 3 was originally to have been directed by David Fincher but he dropped out . Next director was Joe Carnahan but he quit before third choice JJ Abrams was hired . Condidering Abrams had never directed a film before you get the impression that the studio were starting to get desperate not to pull the plug on the project . Humanity might have struggled on without seeing MI3 and evolution wouldn't have been affected one way or the other but a studio needs to make money It's an okay Summer blockbuster , not something you'll remember days later but not something you think you've wasted two hours of your life over and could have been far worse due to the production problems . . It's an uneasy mix of the two previous films in the franchise , where as the first was too complicated for its own good and the second was overly simplistic the third one tries...

1/10: Lots of explosions no substance...
Wednesday, June 7, 2006

Lots of explosions no substance If your idea of an action movie is limited character development, not much dialog a weak storyline BUT with lots of fancy stunts and things exploding. Then MI-III is the film for you.However if you like even a minimal amount of intelligent dialog, character development a more detailed plot and reason for these characters to be engaged in this high octane behavior then MI-III fails dismally.There was the weak, extended and boring party scene early on that only served to highlight Ethan (Tom Cruise) loves his wife to be so very much and he can read lips. Plus everyone smiles a lot and all go to the same great dentist.Oh yeah Ethan loves his wife to be so much that an out of the blue mission to save a former female infatuation of his results in Ethan accepting the mission almost immediately.Such love but I guess that childish paternalism...

5/10: A Depressingly Ordinary Action Film...
Sunday, May 7, 2006

A Depressingly Ordinary Action Film If you liked "The Bourne Supremacy," then... go watch it again instead of seeing this movie.MI:3 tries to have intrigue, espionage, action, suspense, and a touching romantic subplot, but it falls short on all levels. There is no 'mystery' to the mystery - only vagueness and obscurity that fails to engage the imagination. The action is unoriginal and confusing, and the "Ethan's love interest" plot line is more of a hindrance than an enhancement. The 'twist' ending fell flat as no suspense had been built and I didn't really care about the characters or their mission. The eventual (and obligatory) scene in which the bad guy explains "why" is simplistic and lacks any sense of high drama.Paramount has managed to take one of the most incredible high-concept television series of all time and in the course of three films turn it into a mediocre franchise that bears only a passing...

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