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There's Someone Inside Your House (2021)


4/10: 90s slasher style
Saturday, September 25, 2021

Based on the book by Stephanie Perkins, this Patrick Brice-directed (Creep) film is exactly the kind of movie for people who wish that the 90s and early 00s slasher boom never ended. Seriously, this film has major vibes of I Know What You Did Last Summer and if that's a good thing for you, then this is exactly the kind of comfort food that you're going to absolutely devour.Makani Young has moved from Hawaii to Osborne, Nebraska - there's a secret as to why - to live with her grandmother and finish high school. Yet as the school year grows closer to graduation, the secrets of her classmates become fair game to a killer who exposes them and then murders them while wearing a 3D printed mask of his victim's face.Starting with an ankle slashing worthy of Pet Sematary, the film has some nice setpieces like a party where everyone reveals their shameful skeletons in...

6/10: Creepy masks, good kills but a bit too predictable script
Friday, October 8, 2021

The title is a bit misleading because it made me expect something along the lines of Hush and You're Next. It's definitely not a bad slasher but it plays it safe a bit too much. It has a lot of opportunities to become a very good slasher like the secret reveal party thrown at the big mansion by the super rich student, the corn maze and the super eerie house in the middle of nowhere in the opening scene and btw the opening scene was really good, I like how he woke up and it was already dark and he's confused. The kills were overall pretty good and my favorite was the one at the party: a closet and an air vent always make a good kill in a slasher.However towards the end it becomes a bit predictable with the main girl being saved from an almost certain death at her house while she's alone...

5/10: The 90s slasher gets a 2021 update, but there's very little takeaway! [+50
Wednesday, October 6, 2021

I expected more out of this Netflix cancel-culture slasher especially with Henry Gayden (Shazam!) writing and Patrick Brice (Creep & Creep 2) directing. I'll keep this short: what disappointed me big time were the kills - the most important part of a slasher flick. They weren't particularly clever or inventive, just generic slice n' dice. On the other hand, the key characters do have some nuances; ones that help in effectively building that mystery even though it isn't the greatest guessing to begin with. The occasional wry humour is also on point, not contradicting with the film's overall tone. The utter lack of innovation in the film's title spills over to the way the script plays out as well, and that leaves There's Someone Inside Your House a perfectly middling affair. It doesn't bore you, but it certainly doesn't win you over either. Still yaay to diversity and inclusion, I guess? I dunno

6/10: Let Down
Wednesday, October 6, 2021

I had been waiting to see this movie for awhile now so my bar was set high in the beginning. I missed it in the early screening in Austin and was SO upset. That being said I love Mr. Brice's work, Corporate Animals and The Overnight to name a few. This movie started off great and I thought that energy would follow through out the whole movie. But I was wrong!It was very slow and in some parts I felt myself nodding off. Not just because I only for a few hours of sleep last night, because this movie lacked drive. Characters were interesting but a bit on the mixed feelings side of things. Then there was the packed house full of ppl and someone dies right in the middle I could not help but roll my eyes. I would honestly rate this movie a 4/10 but I am a fan of Brice so it's a...

8/10: apart from
Wednesday, October 6, 2021

A spoiled ending and a plotdrive that deccelerates at moments, its a pretty intense horrorthriller from deep rednecked nebraskan corn fields , with a highschool so average for america with the nerds and the footballers makes the social divide(not race this time).A muurderer is loose on the school ground, why and who is hard to say, and the culprit revealed in the end came as a small surprise to me.Giving this a one or 2 star is plain cheating or netflix hate, its a wellmade film, some dubious special fire effects though, the score keeps you at the bait, and the kills are slippery and wet, so if you like that its a recommend, should kids see it, no not really. The grumpy old man though had a good time so try it is my adviice if you like a good teenage high thrill

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