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The Manor (2021)

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6/10: A bit scary but also...
Friday, October 8, 2021

A bit scary but also pretty stupid I'm 61 and had a non debilitating stroke. Nobody put me in a nursing home or even suggested it even tho I was having serious mental health issues in the beginning. You can't see dementia on an MRI. You CAN see Parkinson's on an MRI and do you know what happens when you have a stroke? LOTS of brain scans. If she had Parkinson's it would have showed on those scans. Parkinson's dementia doesn't come first before the observable symptoms. Who doesn't know these things? Dementia is only an observed and testable issue. This woman has no symptoms of Parkinson's disease. You can't be forced to take medication against your will. You can't be confined against your will. You can leave any time whether the doctor suggests it or not unless you're confined by a court. Her daughter does not have medical...

6/10: Solid performances from a great...
Friday, October 8, 2021

Solid performances from a great cast and solid plotting This is an efficient little spooky tale with some solid performances from a solid cast of veteran professionals. Sadly while the story is solid the actual script feels a bit rough. The movie is competently shot but lacks any real sense of style or atmosphere leaving its bones as a streaming services return to the cable anthology series of old exposed. The filmakers seem to recognize this when they make self aware reference to their project's progenitors with the appearance of john carpenters "body bags" (it self a failed pilot for a tales from the crypt rival released as a film ) but that doesn't excuse the boring visual elements and amateurish editing that leave this a solid but mediocre campfire storie.

3/10: Boring, pointless, full of holes...
Saturday, October 9, 2021

Boring, pointless, full of holes. I'm not sure who the target audience was here, but I couldn't connect to any of the characters. The acting was mediocre, the few special effects were so obvious that it was embarrassing. The story was predictable and unoriginal. The only saving grace was the ending going a different way than expected. How come no one could get out of the nursing home, but the grandson just came and went as he pleased without any explanation of how??? It made no sense, nothing was captivating about it, everything that happened I guessed before it actually did. A good movie to put in and talk asleep to, but not very entertaining.

1/10: Witchcraft Looks like we've...
Sunday, October 10, 2021

Witchcraft Looks like we've come full circle to the 70s flicks of evil overcoming righteousness with this piece of garbage which shows witchcraft in a positive light. And why not, really, if I can subtly take the lives of dementia and Alzheimer victims and use their energy to live forever? At least they get one thing right--there is no difference between witchcraft and druidry ('oak wisdom'). Skip this one unless you think geronticide is a great idea. Blum should be ashamed to put his name on this film when he has produced some brilliant films, including the recent Madres.

7/10: Very refreshing. Okay the overall...
Sunday, October 10, 2021

Very refreshing. Okay the overall story was nothing that new but how good was it to see an ending where instead of a moral lecture, we get what most people would probably do? Well put together and the acting was totally fine. A great time passer. I remember as a kid I saw Barbara Seagull -as she was called then - in a movie and I was so gone on her, her "type" set the women in my life. She was gorgeous. And look at her now! Still gorgeous! Without any obvious work. I really enjoyed this.

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