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The Women and the Murderer (2021)


4/10: The dubbing How can Netflix...
Tuesday, September 14, 2021

The dubbing How can Netflix dub this French documentary into different languages and not realize that the first thing that they must do is lower the volume of the original language so that any other languages being used on top is audible enough and therefore comprehensible? There are parts that you cannot pick up what is being said in English because the original version is so loud that it drowns out the English narration and subtitles have to be used if you want to understand what they are talking about.Not only does this happen in this documentary, but also in lots of other ones that I have watched on Netflix.And to make things worse, subtitles do not coincide with the what is being said in the language you have chosen to watch the material. Netflix should be more professional when it comes to subtitles. If they decide to translate a film, TV series, documentaries etc into different languages...

8/10: Well Done! This documentary tells...
Friday, September 10, 2021

Well Done! This documentary tells about a serial killer in France back in the 90's. It's the story not only about the murderer, but about the special crime department female detective, the mother of one of the victims, a female reporter who covered the story and the two opposing attorneys once it went to trial-also women.I found it to be very interesting and would have liked it to be even longer to get even more details. An hour and a half just wasn't enough time to fit the murders, the hunt for the killer and the trial in without missing something. It also covered how important DNA was to the case and discussed France's lack of a database for DNA at that time. I thought the whole thing was well done especially with the time constraints involved.

10/10: A Serial Killer The documentary...
Friday, September 10, 2021

A Serial Killer The documentary is about a serial killer, in France, during the 90s, who murdered several young women, it really left me a feeling of sadness and pain at the same time, it is a documentary in my opinion, well done, I understand that things were not left unfinished, they gave many details of what happened, during the investigations of who had been the murderer, the trial, the feelings of the families with the murder of these young women. I also felt a lot of empathy with these young women, full of life, projects, futures, very impressive.

8/10: extraordinary I agree with the...
Thursday, September 9, 2021

extraordinary I agree with the other reviewer, could have gone into much more detail, i'd have watched all episodes glued to the screen - I didn't know about this case/these cases which shocked me as I really suck in everything 'forensic psychology'/ crime etc... Nevertheless, it is an extraordinary documentary with original footage and various povs.Especially the ending rendered the whole thing outstanding in my eyes.I totally recommend it.

10/10: Well done true crime documentary...
Thursday, September 9, 2021

Well done true crime documentary Extremely well done documentary on a French serial killer of young women in Paris. It struck me how much the victims resembled each other. To me, they could all have been sisters.People like this killer walk among us & aren't always easy to spot. Teach your daughters to be cautious.Read a detailed article on the case, by Paul Webster, in The Guardian. Contains many details not included in the film.

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