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The Voyeurs (2021)


1/10: A Peepshow Parody There's...
Tuesday, September 14, 2021

A Peepshow Parody There's nothing wrong with the ambition to update a classic thriller like Hitchcock's 'Rear Window', unless you make an embarrassing mess of the project. "The Voyeurs' makes its intentions clear from the get-go, as a perky young couple move into a new apartment and begin spying upon the amorous antics of neighbors across the street. So far, so good - but the script never bothers to invest Pippa and Thomas with any personality - and neither does it do so for any other character. After some episodes of bland soft-core erotica, annoying flaws in the acting and directing proclaim an approaching disaster.Spicy complications are added to the stew, but fail to give it any flavor, and everything starts falling apart as unlikely events are piled onto coincidences and melodramatic plot twists. Long before the end, credibility has been utterly lost as the story becomes a farce with gigantic plot-holes, floundering about in cinematic...

7/10: Got You To Look ! Don...
Friday, September 10, 2021

Got You To Look ! Don't lie to yourself. 95% of the people who want to watch this are here to see Sydney Sweeney's assets and nothing else. For those fans, you got what you paid for. Her eye candy alone makes this movie deserving of an audience. Now, for those who decided to watch this movie from start to end without fast forwarding to just the scenes with Sydney Sweeney showcasing her goods, you will be happy to find a movie with an actual plot. For all you Haters with high expectations, I want to remind you all that this movie is not Gone with the Wind. Therefore, those with low expectations will be blown away at this movie's high production value, decent acting, and interesting plot with a good ending. Those who hate this movie need to get their eyes checked for multiple reasons. The Voyeurs is exactly what it sets out to be. If you...

8/10: I personally enjoyed it. While...
Thursday, September 16, 2021

I personally enjoyed it. While the criticisms for this movie are valid, I quite enjoyed the film overall. It has everything to keep you hooked and booked throughout. The acting is very good, the plot interesting and moreover it is very well made and definitely worth watching.The ending may seem twisted and "unrealistic" but why do you care? Just sit back and enjoy the show my dear homies! There are twisted people in this world. You may not have come across them, but there are. These actions may seem unrealistic to you but don't let it take away all the fun. Just go with the flow. 5.8 is too low for this movie. The last scene leaves you with much to think about. It's very subtle but impactful.Overall a very well made film which will keep you hooked and booked throughout. I give it an 8/10.

8/10: A twisted, modern spin on...
Saturday, September 25, 2021

A twisted, modern spin on "Rear Window". Innocent curiosity turns into full-blown obsession when a young Montreal couple spy on their eccentric neighbours across the street.I found this film to be an inventive, playful spin on the "Rear Window" style-thriller with some genuine pulse racing and surprising moments throughout. The film has involving characters and an intense story that gets more dark and twisted as the story progresses. I didn't think I would find myself recommending this film when I first decided to watch it but I genuinely had a lot of fun with it. And I wasn't even close to guessing the twisted ending, not even close.

7/10: The Twist Change My Mind...
Sunday, September 12, 2021

The Twist Change My Mind This is gonna be the first time that i hate the movie from the beginning till near the end, then an unexpected twist come, and it change my mind completely, the performance was average, and yes there is some pretty a lot of cringy and corny moment, and yet there is some cool shot in the film, The Vayeurs have lot of potential being a really good movie, and if it's not because of that clever twist, it's not gonna be at least "pretty good", this is the first time that a twist in a movie really change my mind from hate it to say that this is a pretty good movie.

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