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Hypnotic (2021)

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Watched Hypnotic (2021) last night...
Friday, July 29, 2022

Watched Hypnotic (2021) last night and Oh dear. Kate Siegel was Kate Siegel (pretty and making a good, but not great, effort at acting), but oh boy, the concept was just horrible. From the amount of research the writers obviously did, I'm surprised they managed to spell the title correctly (I'll just put that down to auto-correct doing what it should for a change). So much horrendously wrong information about hypnosis and how it works, which I could actually tolerate if the film was even half good (I'm totally fine with it in 올드보이, a film I ***LOVE***). It's just so by the numbers and predictable. At least with some bad movies you get the "so bad it's good" entertainment value, but this movie was just bad, really bad.

To be honest I actually...
Friday, July 29, 2022

To be honest I actually like it..I'm a big fan of mystery. I didn't even read what the summary was are out of what the fart was a tall I automatically just clicked on it and went off because it's I went by the title and I had no idea but once it came on I was like yes but it was really good he had a good ending a good start I wish I would have went more into the backstory what happened to his wife oh yeah but they did so I think they did say that she had cancer but I liked it it was pretty good sorry I'm rambling I'm eating....lol

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