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Survive the Game (2021)


6/10: I'm with you
Monday, October 18, 2021

Detective David Watson(Bruce Willis) and his younger partner Cal (Swen Temmel) decide to go it alone on a drug bust in a remote building without backup. They are outnumbered as David takes a bullet to the abdomen and his partner leaves him for dead and takes off after just two of the bad guys, still not calling for help. (Had some plot issues, but what Willis film doesn't?) They get chased to Summer Canyon Farm, a remote house. (Filmed in PR). The lone occupant is Eric (Chad Michael Murray) a depressed, suicidal Purple Heart vet who lost his family. He is not running. We eventually have the good guys grossly outnumbered and out gunned by the bad guys and have to go after them one at a time, that would only happen in the movies.Bad girl Violet (Kate Katzman) made the film enjoyable by being a Harley Quinn clone. Bad guy Frank (Michael Sirow) moves his head...

3/10: Willis' Theatre & Film school
Saturday, October 23, 2021

WTFs!Lot of those going around with folks watchin' ol' Bruce lately.It's as if Bruce has begun an elementary school and is letting the children write and direct while he agrees to "star". On the other hand and even if that were true, I mean, this movie could actually be more realistic than the "good ones" with all of the non-sequiturs and absurd gun play, it's more likely that this is what a real life scenario would look like. REALLY stupid people saying & doing REALLY stupid things. These kids get it!Just after the car crash at 1hr 15min, there is a pretty funny few minutes with an Australian guy who dies shortly thereafter. It really is quite funny and is BY FAR the most memorable part of the movie. And I rewound to watch the part I missed when I fell asleep, to be sure.But seriously, if you don't like wasting time, don...

2/10: Bruce, wake up
Sunday, October 31, 2021

Bruce Willis has had a rewarding career as a butt-kicking action star from his days in the 'Die-Hard' Franchise. However, as age catches up with him, he can't quite move the way he used to, and he seems to be losing his flair as the projects he has been landing latest aren't the Box office kind of titles. All his latest movies are not worth watching. I try to understand but it seems that he lost his appetite for acting. No strong performance? No performance at all. Looking at the plot, it simply centres on a drug bust gone south that pits a detective duo and an ex-soldier against a squad of criminals. There isn't much of a story. In fact there is nothing but emptiness. Not worth watching

1/10: Bruce again going for a paycheck. Does he owe some bad debts
Saturday, October 9, 2021

Bruce will release 8 movies in 2021 and has been on a tear in recent years churning out this garbage. That's one movie every 6 weeks, one heckova pace. His past few years have shown that he is clearly a quantity over quality type of actor and I'm guessing he just owes people money.Nobody can do acting like this and like it. It's a job, and I assume he's forced to do it. Maybe that can explain how he purposely lacks any effort in his films. I made it less than 10 minutes and it's no different than his other frequent garbage

1/10: WOW! JUST... WOW
Friday, October 29, 2021

When the best thing in a movie is Bruce Willis... "phoning it in", you know you have a true POS film. Bad camerawork... horrifyingly bad acting... bad fight scenes... bad editing... and a truly moronic script! This run by Willis makes the garbage films by Nicholas Cage in the past 10 years, look like Oscar winners by comparison. At least he tries regardless of the script

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