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A World Without (2021)

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The story was a bit...
Tuesday, October 26, 2021

The story was a bit confusing at first, what to bring in this film. romance or friendship. I don't know where to focus. Midway through romance films and stories of long-standing friendships begin to fade with less tense thrillers. Until the final round, the thriller was lacking, as if in a hurry to conclude all the scenes in this film. The visualizations are sometimes sweet, sometimes dark in a dystopian style. confusing the visuals. Nia Dinata is great for having stories that are out of the box and daring to raise issues that might become controversial, such as, polygamy to anti-dating before marriage at the age of 17. For the main character, Amanda Rawless is good enough to lead the audience to follow the storyline. Maizura, somewhat lacking in emotion, was too forced to get into a sudden conflict. Only one that is proud of, namely Asmara Abigail, for being a character who managed to provide the...

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