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Terminator Salvation (2009)


6/10: Competently made, but also self-defeating
Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Considering that he's part of the dreaded "MTV Generation" of filmmakers, McG is surprisingly old-school when it comes to his framing: no jumpy Michael Bay antics or hypercutting Paul Greengrass mimicries. He is a far more organic director, letting the action sequences play out naturally. It's his execution that's at fault: the action itself. He piles explosions on top of other explosions and machines slamming into other machines, backed by the deafening cues of Danny Elfman's score, and I'm pretty sure Christian Bale had a yelling stipulation written into his contract. Everything's loud, intense, bombastic. You can't accuse McG of copying Jim Cameron's first two flicks — or even Jonathan Mostow's goofy third — but you're left wishing he'd perfected his own style before tackling such an ambitious project and producing, as a result, a frustratingly passable action-thriller.McG cites Cormac McCarthy's The Road as an influence on...

8/10: This is right along the lines of what I wanted to see
Sunday, July 5, 2020

I'll never for the life of me understand why this movie didn't do well at the box office. I give it at least a 7.8 rating, at least. If not an 8. Was the movie without flaws,, well no. How many movies are without flaws? Not many. There were several spots I thought could've been done a lil better. A few scenes kind of transitioned weirdly,, and when Marcus came out of the pit, covered in mud and yelled up to the sky,,, that was kind of laughable,,, but It's forgivable (after all,, I'm not a filmmaker). Other than that,,, I don't get what the problem was.After the ending of T3,, this setting is pretty much where I saw the story going. I was overjoyed to hear that Christian Bale was taking on the role of John Connor (this was after Batman Begins, and TDK). I think he brought a great amount...

8/10: A really good sci fi movie
Tuesday, September 8, 2015

I've seen it three times - in the big screen (2009), somewhen in 2012, and now at 2015 (after seeing genesys) I also really don't understand all the negative comments about this film. I am a fan of the Terminator series (t1, t2 and TV show) and i really think this film stays true to the original idea and actually adds quite a bit to it.I liked the robot models (mostly the little water bastards and the huge robot at petrol station), the HK's look great, and that t-600 is bloody scary and awesome (bulky, limited movement and a gatling gun).I liked the whole concept of the movie a lot, and it showing the initial research work and human test subject and all, and showing the fight against machines after judgment day (i wish genesys would show more of this) And there is marcus...god, i loved this flawed terminator model! well, as a sci...

10/10: Very well done
Thursday, December 10, 2009

I was somewhat hesitant to watch this movie. I didn't want it to be too dark and bleak and depressing. I mean, it was somewhat dark, but there was hope at the end. It's not a mindless action movie. It's definitely an action movie - but a good story I thought. Very entertaining! The story was well done. The characters were great - especially Marcus. You felt what he felt. I think this movie deserves higher than a 6.9 - it's current rating (as of 12-9-09). If you're a fan of Terminator and T-2 - then see this. I did see T3 but was not impressed w/ it and cannot remember much about it (when something doesn't leave an impression, it's usually not that good) - in my humble opinion. I dunno - maybe I need to see it again. I really like Marcus in this movie. I won't give anything away - no spoiler...

10/10: Watch it as it's own
Friday, November 20, 2009

Before viewing the film "Terminator:Salvation", there are a few things that you need to take into consideration(especially big fans). One of them being that this may be considered the fourth in the franchise, but its really its own movie. This movie has been bad mouthed from day one. It seems that so many films produced today are remakes, based off books, or taken from older franchises. So why does this one take more of the cake than others. I saw this movie in theaters and enjoyed it very much, and yes I am a fan of the series. McG deserves much more credit than what he got. This is not the best and not the worst, it is what it is. A fun, load, and rip roaring flick.P.S- You want bad, go watch the Twilight series. That movie makes money off of selling sex(Have some goofy looking kid play Edward and see how ya' do...

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