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Amina (2021)

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4/10: Another good potential ruined by bad writing
Tuesday, November 9, 2021

If you don't have a good script to start with, don't make the movie.This is a historic drama. As one watches, the potential for the story s there. Some people will claim this has bad acting, but remember where this is filmed. The actions, facial expressions, and manner of speaking are very different in that land than in America. Don't expect Hollywood mannerisms from that part of the world. The acting was true to that culture.The writing and story though... that was pretty poor, as was the directing and choreography. One can quite easily see "fake" fighting, punches being pulled, swords coming nowhere to connecting, the "sword to the side" trope, etc. Not that I care to see realistic battles, but there are ways to present battles that aren't obviously fake, without excessive gore.Some of the story is presented well. The pain and slavery of suffering. The subterfuge of betrayals. But surprisingly, the...

4/10: A good story ruined by a bad screenplay
Sunday, November 7, 2021

This is a weird one. I can tell that it's a good story with several intrigues, but most of the scenes were terrible, and the fighting scenes in particular. The acting goes from stage actors to "I tried my best as an amateur".What's surprising is the quality of the photo. Really sharp images with great color grading, and I can say the same thing about the score. I can tell that there is some budget behind the movie, with the costumes and all - the movie even got some descent enough CGI.If a capable person would had gotten their hands on the script, and written a good screenplay, this would actually be something I would recommend to people. If a great screen play, then this would be a must watch. I had to watch the movie with the notion of what it could have been; with dreamy sequences, dramatic closeups, and voice overs telling thoughts over the...

3/10: So disapppointed
Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Some acting moments from main actors (king and Amina), but the supporting actor (Maladi), hard to tell if he is comic relief because his role should be serious. Some really good scenic shots but many that look like a stage. Some of the costumes look like I could make them from my own craft stash and fabric remenants, making me doubt how much they represent the time period. The speaking with accents was labored by almost all actors. The real bummer is this movie could be so good with with the story but this rendition isn't. I would love to see it remade

10/10: Well the movie is bad, but
Saturday, November 6, 2021

Well the movie is bad, but the story kept me watching until the end, which a I cannot say for a lot of new big production movies. Acting is bad, the production is bad, but despite of its floss I like it. It's 2 hours of my life which I did not regret spending

1/10: My goodness
Saturday, November 6, 2021

How bad can a movie be? Probably the worst acting ever in a movie which seems to be made with enough money. Netflix what were you thinking? More viewers in Africa

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