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The Neighbor (2016)


6/10: Killer Neighbour
Thursday, September 15, 2016

This is my review of The Neighbor (spoiler free)*** (3/5)It's been 4 long years since Director Marcus shocked audiences everywhere with his sequel to the original masked slasher movie The Collection and the spirit of that movie looms deep within this which is more like the low-budget version but still keeps the same thrills and threats. Although this takes a more dramatic spin by making it a neighbour thriller that in a way teaches a lesson to never go looming into a neighbour's home because you never know what you could find. It uses the same style as The Collector and its lumbered and forgotten sequel The Collection it has the style that the killer keeps a secret lurking in his home with a secret tunnel filled with cages and a couple of badly designed paper mache masks. Although this time the protagonist is a lot stronger and conveniently knows how to use a gun...

6/10: Not The Best But Still Worth Your Time
Friday, September 9, 2016

The Neighbor" is a brand new horror/thriller from director Marcus Dunstan, who also directed one of my favorite horror movies "The Collector" and it's sequel "The Collection". Dunstan did a great job in putting a spin on the home invasion premise with "The Collector" so I was excited to see what else he could bring to the table. The film stars Josh Stewart who was also the lead in "The Collector" and "Collection". So there are definitely a lot of similarities between those two films and the similarities do not end there.The film follows John (played by Josh Stewart) who is a low level criminal looking to get one more big payday so he can get himself and his girlfriend Rosie (Alex Essoe) out of the business. But just as John gains the opportunity to get out he starts to realize that his neighbor Troy (Bill Engvull) is up to something very dark that may get in...

4/10: Hushhh! Don't Breathe
Saturday, October 29, 2016

2016 has brought us some very good predator vs prey in a house movies such as Fede Alvarez's horror hit Don't Breathe and the Mike Flanagan silent suspense film Hush. So now writer of Saw 4-7 and director of the Collector series Marcus Dunstan gives the sub genre a shot. Unfortunately for Dunstan, The Neighbour doesn't make the good list for suspense horror films this year.The film is a little bit generic (as the name would suggest) and doesn't possess the unique quality that the aforementioned films possess. The Neighbour at its core is a snooping-into-other-people's-business-and-finding-something-dark film but fails to bring anything new and exciting to the mix. The dark secret that The Neighbour has feels rather tame when compared to similar films like Don't Breathe, as well as seeing as Dunstan wrote 4 Saw sequels you would expect something more out there and...

7/10: Well-known story
Tuesday, July 4, 2017

In "The Neighbor", a young couple involved in dealing drugs notices the rather strange behavior of their new neighbor, who seems to hide some secrets on his wide-spread farm. When they begin to investigate, things soon take a turn to the worse as they find themselves trapped in a net of violence and domination.As you may have already noticed, this movie had some prominent role models. In fact, in many aspects it is just another shot at the same plot that "Disturbia" already remodelled. So this will clearly not win any award for creativity or innovation. This said, the film actually delivers a very solid performance. It creates a lot of tension, it makes you feel uneasy and it does make you cheer for the lead characters. At some points in my eyes it wanted a bit too much, some of the aspects are never fully explained or seem rather implausible, but all in all since the movie...

7/10: Greed makes people unlucky
Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Johnny (Josh Stewart) works as a middle man for his drug dealing uncle (Ronnie Gene Blevins) living in the outskirts of Cutter, Mississippi with his girlfriend Rosie (Alex Essoe). Troy (Bill Engvall) is his sole neighbor. Johnny and Rosie have made secret plans to leave town. Troy hints that he knows Johnny's business and has secrets of his own...and he does. After 50 minutes of character introduction we finally get into the meat of the film which is your basic abduction film...captured, escape, repeat.The movie opens with grainy film during the credits, which was clever considering the occupation of Troy which is kept secret for much of the feature. We are made to identify with Johnny the likable drug dealer as our protagonist, while a profile of Troy during this period would have been far more interesting. It is just about impossible to sneak around inside a small farmhouse that has three people in it...just...

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