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The Art of War (2000)

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7/10: It wasn't THAT bad...
Sunday, January 12, 2003

It wasn't THAT bad I've read some seriously negative reviews of The Art of War. There are IMDb users out there who hated this movie to no end, which leads me to wonder why I rented it in the first place, having read many of these reviews already, and why it was seen as so much worse than anything Wesley Snipes has done up to this point. Snipes has made some good movies, and some bad ones, just like almost every actor out there (although there are certainly some that only make good ones and some that only make bad ones, but Snipes seems to have about an equal amount of each, maybe leaning slightly in favor of the bad), and I don't really think The Art of War is any different. It's a typical action film in which he plays virtually the exact same character that he played in Rising Sun, except here he's...

5/10: An unimaginative telling of a...
Thursday, September 27, 2001

An unimaginative telling of a tale we've already heard. ** (out of four). THE ART OF WAR / (2000) ** (out of four)By Blake French: The Art of War refers to an ancient handbook by a mighty Asian general named Sun Tsu, who hypothesized that wars can be won without physical combat. Numerous powerful leaders, including Napoleon, defeated their enemies by using the ideas of Sun Tsu. According to the action flick "The Art of War," Tsu's theories apply to the world of business and politics as they do to war."It's about strategy, manipulation and control, all the way through," says director Christian Duguay, whose credits include TV's "Joan of Arc," and "The Assignment." "The whole film is based on the theme of manipulation and the idea that things are not what they appear. That's what I think makes this film very unique and exciting."Or how about confusing and hard to follow, better words to...

6/10: trash with merits I did...
Thursday, August 31, 2000

trash with merits I did not want to see this movie. I had low expectations, and was slightly tired. The first scene is cool. It follows one of he rules of "The Art of War": "Don't give them time to think." The movie has constant motions and quick cuts. The first scene is especially bad for this, and you can never grasp a single idea. The credits looked especially horrid though.However, I ended up somewhat liking this. The movie actually has elements that make it slightly stand out from the rest. First, it ripped off one look from one of my favorite movies: "Natural Born Killers" ****Spoilers*********Spoilers******* in the end scene, Wesley Snipes, I think, throws the gun at a plate of glass. This looked exactly the same as the knife going through the window in the opening scene of NBK. I almost expected opera, or something. Another bonus is the look of the internet. It has...

8/10: Good plot and acting, but...
Saturday, February 10, 2001

Good plot and acting, but confusing presentation Most people can't differentiate between a bad film and a film they don't like. Many people didn't like this motion picture because of its liberal subtext. That doesn't make it a bad film. Most people don't realize that this was a Canadian production and that probably explains the political slant. However, as action films go, it was intelligent, high tech, stimulating, bordering on believable (seldom are action flicks actually believable), with plenty of violence. I didn't particularly agree with its `New World Order' message, but it was still a solid film.The main criticism I have of the film is the editing. In an attempt to make the story more intriguing, it is pasted together in a convoluted way that makes it very difficult to follow. All the factions and motivations are eventually explained, but one has to pay very close attention or see the movie a...

2/10: No art, and no war...
Wednesday, April 24, 2002

No art, and no war either Wesley Snipes plays a secret agent for the UN. Okay. Let me say right now that already this was looking real bad for me liking this movie. Excuse me? "The" UN? Like the UN exists as an organization on its own? Like the UN has an agenda on its own? Never mind. Apparently this is one of those suspension of disbelief things.So Wesley Snipes is a secret agent for the UN. Oh my GOD I CAN'T BELIVE I WATCHED THIS WHOLE MOVIE! I knew in the first FOUR MINUTES it would be completely devoid of intelligence! I'm not that stupid! Really! *sigh.* Let me start over. Again.So Wesley Snipes is a secret agent for the UN. He has a name but it wasn't important. Apparently there's some kind of China trade thing going on and the UN has decided it will happen, or something, I never really figured...

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