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gold (2021)

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No character has a name...
Saturday, June 4, 2022

No character has a name in this, but Clint Eastwood it isn't. Zac Efron is taking a pee out in the desert when he spots an uncommonly large deposit of gold. His pal Anthony Hayes and he try to move it, but it's just too big. Plan? Well Hayes decides to head to the nearest town to try and procure some heavy lifting equipment and leaves Zac to keep watch. Hmmm? Well, anyway Hayes isn't exactly rushing back to his friend who is gradually running out of food, water, having hallucinations, fending off wild dogs and even a rogue Irish women as his grasp on reality starts to slip... Efron is actually not bad as the man who gradually succumbs to despair and dehydration, but the story plods along far too slowly for almost eighty minutes before the last ten minutes provide a denouement with a bit of a twist to the tale. It is good that...

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