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Firewalker (1986)


Max, Leo and Fruitcake. One...
Saturday, May 30, 2020

Max, Leo and Fruitcake. One of the many treasure seeking action adventure films that surfaced after Raiders of the Lost Ark reignited the flames in 81, Firewalker has a somewhat iffy reputation. Yet it's a glorious cheese sandwich of a movie, a ball of laughs and high energy jinks, a pic where Chuck Norris, Louis Gosset Jr. and Melody Anderson are having fun and not taking it as seriously as some film punters have. Standard rules apply here, two adventure seeking guys, very buddy buddy and playing off of each other with sarcasm and respect in equal measure, hook up with a sexy gal who has a treasure map - oh and she has a gift involving visions type of thing. Cue lots of scrapes, arguing, bit of romance, more peril, over the top bad guy (Sonny Landham) and a friend in need (an over the top John Rhys- Davies). In this one we get to see some of Norris...

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