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Devil's Tower (2014)


4/10: A shambles - in both senses
Sunday, December 28, 2014

What. The. Hell?The oddest film I've seen this year. There were bits I really enjoyed, but they were like the chocolate in a fish pie.We start with an interesting scene of two lovers killing each other alternately - watch it to see what I mean. Then the credits show there's real talent in the music and cinematography. Then it's a social drama that develops into a grotesque slice of London's lower class as we're taken inside a tower block inhabited by an unlikely selection of misfits.The acting is very uneven. I liked the lead actress, but several people are given extended lines they aren't fit to deliver. About halfway through the dialogue becomes soap-opera - it's like the actors are trying to explain the film to themselves. The character best written was the bubbly blond, who surfed along as comic relief.At the centre of the chaos is an evil spirit...

10/10: This movie has everything I want in a movie: personality
Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Yes, all the "gafapasta" critics will love movies were a guy/girl shows another how to live the life. Remarkable sentences and perfect attitude against tragedy. Or mature people laughing of everything because "that's life" or an stupid guy showing her narcissism but showing a "lovely imperfect" woman the world of the love, the dance, and rejecting her parents putting their job and money over the love of her family ¿Where the hell is that people? Life couldn't be further. A lot of times it's not about people attitude against tragedy, but tragedy made by stupid people, and no one gets you out or choose love before money / body... This movie has something: shows you the life of a girl who lives in a horrible world (not only "zombies" but her family, her daily problems...) but has friends to live a horrible adventure, they are very particular, and she meets the love, meets the support of her...

2/10: Devil's Tower
Saturday, August 28, 2021

Lead actress Roxanne Pallett (now Roxanne Carrion) spent the first part of her career acting in a soap opera that is less credible than this offering, and with a higher body count. When "Devil's Tower" was released she was a few months short of her 32nd birthday, yet she passed successfully for an 18 year old. This may be a tribute to her girlyish good looks or to the painting in her attic, but that is as good as this film gets.We've all heard of haunted houses, but a haunted tower block? When Sarah is kicked out by her no-good widowed mother, she is dumped here by social services along with a host of undesirables and a couple of squatters. Then odd things start happening; actually they'd already started; the film opens with a young couple having sex on the rooftop who end up murdering each other. A lot more claret is set to flow...

2/10: Devil's Tower (2014
Thursday, September 25, 2014

I don't know what to make of this movie. It was a really weird one. Just when i thought that i knew where the plot was going, it got to a point where I lost it! In the end it made some sense! So it is a mediocre movie and it's up to you if you like it or not. It has its points though.I played this movie for my friends so we could hang out and watch something for fun. Even though they didn't like horror movies so much this got their attention and no complaints were made. I think they actually loved it. As I said I found it mediocre so go figure! Back to the movie! It has ghosts, possession of a kind, weird zombie like creatures, it has it all. Basically though, it is a ghost – possession type of movie. The acting is not that good and the story has potentials, you...

6/10: Pretty decent movie
Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Devil's Tower is honestly a pretty good movie. It's not fantastic, but it's most definitely not a 1-star movie either. Admittedly it's a bit on the forgettable side, but the acting's good, the plot - while a bit all over the place at times - does hang together alright, the good characters are likable, the bad characters are easy to hate, and while it takes a while for anything zombie to crop up - just over an hour in - there's some pretty good supernatural scenes to tide you over before you just kind of sink into the usual zombie gore fest. Honestly, all in all, it's a pretty good movie, and worth watching at least once. So, watch it or don't, but if you do, just try to watch more than 20 minutes so you can make an informed decision on whether it's any good or not

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