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Top Five (2014)


**When he was looking for...
Saturday, August 1, 2020

**When he was looking for a turnaround in his career, his life turned around.** The main host of the last concluded the most controversial awards ceremony, Chris rock, donned in the multiple roles behind and front of the camera. I almost missed this film, because I have never known its existence. All the above, I'm surprised to learn it was written and directed by Chris Rock, because I haven't watched any of them. Is it really worth a watch? Absolutely yes. Chris played a famous comedian in this, who desperately looking to turn into a serious action hero. On the other hand, he's getting ready for the grand wedding with a reality star. But one day decides to give an interview for a journalist. While spending together for some time, they both open their heart and talk everything about them from the past to present. The remaining part is to disclose how the interview ends, once they...

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