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Bait (2012)

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Sharkunami Gone Barmy! When a...
Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Sharkunami Gone Barmy! When a tsunami traps shoppers inside a coastal Australian supermarket, their survival prospects are reduced even further when Great White Sharks find their way into the area. It's as nutty as it sounds, a bonkers but wonderfully genius premise is played out with "B" movie heart and a smile on its face. Standard rules apply, there's a myriad of characters who are in need of redemption or reconciliations, and of course it's a time for heroes and villains to thrust themselves forward. Action and suspense is never far away, and neither is blood! There's even some humour to be found, especially with a bickering couple of teenage lovers. Some of the CGI is poor and as is the norm with this type of film, there's daft scenes that ask you to just roll with it. If you can do that then there's a good time to be had here. 6/10

Not a bad Shark horror...
Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Not a bad Shark horror film, since Jaws. The Aussies never disappoint.

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