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Bergman Island (2021)

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Vicky Krieps ("Chris") and boyfriend...
Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Vicky Krieps ("Chris") and boyfriend Tim Roth ("Tony") set off for a working holiday on Fårö; the island made famous by the legendary film maker Ingmar Bergman who had his home, made many of his films, and fathered some of his nine children from six different women there too. "Tony" is an accomplished and acclaimed film maker and Bergman expert; she is less established and slightly intimidated by the dead man and by his surroundings - but both have screenplays to write. His task proves considerably more straightforward than her's, and what now ensues is a slowly paced, but enjoyable to watch dramatisation. She sets off around the island, meets new friends and ultimately comes up with her concept which she regales to "Tony" and the audience involving "Amy" (a charmingly vulnerable performance from Mia Wasikowska) and her relationship with "Joseph" (the disappointingly wooden Anders Danielsen Lie - who somewhat sacrilegiously wears underwear in a Swedish sauna!!). They are childhood sweethearts...

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