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Voice from the Stone (2017)


**The transformation!!!** It is a...
Friday, January 8, 2021

**The transformation!!!** It is a little confusing. I don't think everybody who saw it understood at the first attempt. Otherwise, it would have not received such a low rating. The film failed to give the explanations in an understandable way. Only if you are good enough to figure it out everything by yourself like by observing the characteristic behaviours, dialogues and scenes that including illusion/dreams, then it can be considered a good one. So, comparing to the book it was based on, I don't know if the book complicates its readers the same way. In the opening, a mother breathes her last before taking an oath from his not to speak a word till she returns. Very unusual scene, because she died by the side of her son and nobody else present, like her husband. Then a new nurse arrives to take care of him. She was confident that she can make him talk again, but later...

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