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Interceptor (2022)

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40/10: When you come to a movie that calls itself an action flick, you don't expect to be lectured on feminism and toxic masculinity
Sunday, September 25, 2022

Well, after starting off well enough that's precisely where Interceptor takes you. Its got plot holes galore but its entertaining enough at first, until it starts finger wagging. Get the message entertainment industry, I don't come to a film to be lectured, I want to be entertained. Simple as that

The premise, as an elevator...
Tuesday, June 7, 2022

The premise, as an elevator pitch, might have worked. With some research, a good script, and some solid acting and direction, this might have been a good, entertaining action flick. But it isn't. No-one bothered to do a tiny bit of research to make the scenario, the tech, the military babble or insignias at least somewhat OK-ish. The CGI is a the level YT kids do these days, and the story is threadbare recycled fare. Plus, as some complained, too much "woke BS" - I intended to go along with some plot elements at first, but it's so coarsely piled on, it becomes unbearable. And don't get me started on the "acting". As audience, we are making a deal with the moviemakers. We provide some suspension of disbelief, accept some bits that aren't realistic, and they put in some effort to accommodate us in this regard. Unless they are lazy as in this case. Then...

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