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A Christmas Movie Christmas (2022)

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Cool idea, it kinda falls...
Saturday, May 7, 2022

Cool idea, it kinda falls flat by the midway point though. 'A Christmas Movie Christmas' is far from a terrible film, you could watch much worse during the festive period - this is at least different from the usual made-for-TV Xmas formula. It just gets a little boring as it goes on. I'm not exactly sure how they could've done it better, but there is certainly something missing to keep it fresh and entertaining for the full duration of the run time. The cast give satisfactory if unspectacular performances. Lana McKissack (Eve) is, as you'd expect, the most standout as the lead. I actually watched her YouTube videos when she was doing that about eight years ago, back when YOMYOMF/'Internet Icon' was a thing - what a throwback! Elsewhere, Kimberly Daugherty is alright as Lacy, starring alongside co-writer/producer and real life husband Brant Daugherty (Paul). I can't say I...

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