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The Boss Baby: Family Business (2021)


1/10: Insulting Created an account just...
Saturday, July 31, 2021

Insulting Created an account just to write this review. One of the only movies I've considered walking out of (and should have). Our kids liked the first movie but we didn't vet this one ahead of time. It's clear all new movies need to be vetted now as it was over stimulating, chaotic, and didn't even really try to have much of a plot. It felt shoving an iPad in front of a toddler with as much stimulation and movement you can pack into one screen. It's really insulting movie studios have gotten so overt in their attempt to throw noise, colors, and stimulation at us and our kids and thinking it's what consumers want. I felt ashamed I took my kid to this, and am sad that our overconsumption of media has lead to movies like this just to meet the demand. Felt like the definition of a money grab. Also while most...

3/10: Cash Run The first movie...
Friday, July 2, 2021

Cash Run The first movie was so good. My kids and I even liked the Netflix Series (even though Alec Baldwin isn't in them). I thought the whole Tim and Daughter relationship/becoming schoolmates, then friends, then teased for being 'romantically' interested in each other is just kind of unsettling, a strange plot direction. The rest of the movie is pretty good, totally lame that Tobey Maguire didn't participate, wanted too much cash probably, and probably fair enough. However, being that this movie was released after the world ended, heck, pretty good to keep production costs low because I wonder if this will this make it's money back???On another note, and it is hard for me to say anything good about the movie after all the Tim/Daughter weirdness, Jeff Goldblum and the character are just flawless. It's brilliant, so incredibly funny.

4/10: Pretty skipable I never really...
Sunday, July 4, 2021

Pretty skipable I never really liked the first film. I thought it was mean spirited and just dumb. Judging by the trailers, I thought this film could be an improvement on the first film. It was not. The whole movie just feels like the original boss baby, but with some different details. They basically used the same formula for this film. The main emotional focus of the film was Tim and Ted reconnecting after they've grown apart. It's a nice message, but drowned out by all the nonsense going on at the same time. The animation is fine, not great but not horrible. The new Boss Baby, Tina, doesn't add anything new to this film whatsoever. In all it was a pretty bad film with a heartwarming message lost in all the nonsense that is happening in this movie.

2/10: Soundtrack overlays every dialogue scene...
Friday, July 2, 2021

Soundtrack overlays every dialogue scene! What lunatic thought it a good idea to overlay every single dialogue scene with distracting soundtrack? Were they getting paid for each second it was included? It made it impossible to focus upon what was being said a number of times, especially when the "new" Boss baby is speaking at a mile a minute. The rest of the time it diminished the scene. When used judiciously the right soundtrack passes right by conscious awareness and just seizes your emotions. When you are aware of it constantly though, so that the brief periods of its absence (and they are oh so brief) are greeted as merciful respite, then it has not only failed its purpose but is actively working against the movie!

6/10: Good, until it started singing...
Sunday, July 4, 2021

Good, until it started singing.... This movie had me invested In a way. The story was relatable to older audiences and the performances were good. I liked James Marsden and Alec Baldwin. They were funny and I liked their characters. But, here's the thing wrong with this movie. SPOILERS : When Dr. Armstrong baby takes over the parents through the app at the play, Tabitha does her singing solo with the other kids. It's not that good. Her actresses' singing voice is good, but the singing is annoying and unnecessary. This movie isn't awful but not good. Better than the first one.

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