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The Thin Blue Line (1988)

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10/10: food for thought
Tuesday, December 27, 2005

I rated the movie as excellent, but this is irrelevant, given that it actually helped to free an innocent man wrongfully imprisoned.The movie sheds some light in what the 'wheels of justice' are like. At least in 1976 Dallas. To me there are two main aspects to what happened. There must have been an initial motive to go after Randall Adams instead of David Harris, and then, once he was made the main suspect, there had to be some explanation to why he is convicted, despite almost everything pointing in the other direction.Adams was 28, whereas lil' David was 16. The movie pointed out that this would've been enough, since only Adams was eligible for death. In addition, and perhaps more important, David was from Vidor, Texas, whereas Adams was from out of state.There is something else that, even though is never talked about, must have been in people's minds.I first thought it hard...

6/10: Truth
Saturday, November 29, 2008

A stunning documentary by Errol Morris which was absurdly written off as "pseudo-journalism," and "overly-subjective," by the critics at the time. Morris makes no pretense of being "objective," with his topic; in fact, the actual topic of the film is subjectivity. A man is convicted for murder in Texas on extremely thin evidence but the opaque wheels of justice simply crank him into death row without a second thought. Morris worked as an investigative journalist in uncovering the man's innocence, made the film, and eventually got his conviction overturned because of its persuasiveness. Scenes of the crime are reconstructed and dramatized by Morris to fill in the point of view of the interviewee (not to demonstrate the truth), and the film gradually and compellingly puts together the missing fragments of the case, and turns truth on its backside. This is a brilliant documentary, and I'm not employing hyperbole when I say it is the In Cold...

10/10: An astonishing look at the criminal justice system
Wednesday, January 27, 1999

Along with 1996's Paradise Lost, The Thin Blue Line should be mandatory viewing for those who believe that the criminal justice system eventually convicts only the guilty. It is a stark and shocking look at one man behind bars and the truckloads of evidence that point toward his innocence. Documentarian Errol Morris indirectly argues that, at the very least, this evidence should have presented a "reasonable doubt" to the jury, and near the end of the movie, the audience has little choice but to accept his unbelievable findings. And the film ends with a single scene of just a tape recorder and voices that should be recognized as one of the most powerful endings to a movie, ever. A documentary masterpiece

1/10: A boring attempt at a great story
Saturday, August 15, 2015

I'm not going to knock the incredible injustice. The story itself is not boring it's just the way they told which was dull, it just put me to sleep. They also repeatedly showed reenactments of the crime. I keep thinking something different is going to happen from the last time they showed it but no. I don't get why they had to keep showing the same thing over and over. Even those telling the story kept repeating what they'd already said. I am sure this could have been made into a 30 minute documentary if everything wasn't repeated. I really struggled to stay awake watching this. I am very surprised it's got such a high rating. The only positive I can say is it will probably make a good movie

9/10: Grows and grows on you
Thursday, September 23, 2004

We watch a lot of American Justice and their ilk in this house. Every episode Bill Kurtis or whoever leads us through the case to his expected result. Then we saw this on IFC one evening. The Lack of narration, the compelling music, the repetitive recreations of the scene and most of all, the faces and voices: Adams' 'plain Jane' attorney, her colleague who handled Adams' appeal, the small town cop, the judge comparing his grade in state versus Federal Supreme Court...all of these people speaking out to us, building or tearing down a case that grows in our minds, especially when the real killer begins to talk. A powerful experience not to be missed

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