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Land of the Lost (2009)


6/10: What did you expect
Saturday, June 6, 2009

I could tell from the trailers that if you were not a committed Will Ferrell fan, or stoned out of your mind, that this movie would probably be trashed by the experts. You either find his absurd comedy funny or find it a senseless insult to your intelligence. For me, there were a couple times when I really laughed out loud (and I was sober as a judge), most of the time I simply had a smile on my face as I watched the master make a complete fool of himself - which is what Will Ferrell does. I read some of these in-depth critiques in utter amazement. I mean, really, what were you expecting to see? It is a very light hearted spoof of one of the most ridiculous TV series in history. Generally, I thought it was funny, we've been repeating some of the funnier, albeit, totally ridiculous scenes all day. I do strongly caution parents with...

8/10: Underrated, hilarious
Tuesday, June 16, 2009

This movie was, in my opinion, hilarious. Yes, it has absolutely nothing to do with the T.V. series, and yes, it's absolutely stupid. But my friends and I found it hilarious(a group of 20-22 year olds). It's along the same humor as Hot Rod, if you liked that movie, you will like this movie, hands down. Yes, some parts are mind-numbingly stupid, but most of them still get a laugh. It's definitely McBrides and Ferrels improvisation that made the movie though. Personally, I love Mcbrides type of humor/acting. It's absolutely hilarious to me. I have seen the movie twice and wouldn't mind seeing it again. Honestly, if you liked Hot Rod, or have seen Eastbound and Down, or Old School, or any of those type of comedies, you will enjoy this movie. Just go into it with the expectations of stupid jokes, and nasty one-liners, and I guarantee you...

2/10: Not a good thing
Friday, June 5, 2009

What a disappointment! Do not take your kids to this movie. You will be embarrassed. This is not a family movie, despite the original series being for kids. Crude comments, crude scenes, the F-word among other profanity. Several people left the theater, as I wish I would have. The female lead playing Holly was very annoying to me. She seemed to be out of place, if that could be possible in such a "modge podge" of the ridiculous. The plot was so random, and it really had nothing to do with the original series; things like sleestacks, dinosaurs, and banjo music were just kind of thrown in with no rhyme or reason. I had really looked forward to this movie since I'd liked the 70"s Saturday morning series as a kid. I thought Will Ferrell would make it funny - I loved him in Elf - but that wasn't the case. I'm sorry we saw it

2/10: wow was this BAD
Friday, June 5, 2009

OK I KNOW will ferrell has not managed to be funny for the last 10 years or so but wow, he's really hit a new low with this umm i hesitate to call it a movie.... lets refer to it as the 'alleged film". Normally he at least tries to portray the lovable moron but this time he does the so-unlovable-its-sad kind of character. Did you know a guy in high school who tried soooooo hard to be cool but failed at every turn? If so you know the Ferell character. He's not cool, he's not smart, he not funny, heck he's not even sympathetic, he's just there, taking up space in this movie and once again proving that he's a talent-less hack who managed to get in on Saturday Night Live as it was in the downward spiral and is cashing is at every turn. My advice, if you...

7/10: Underrated comedy
Tuesday, August 14, 2012

OK, so if you for whatever reason, specifically do not enjoy Ferrell's humor...so be it. Otherwise, I think this deserves a better praise than what it received. So much of the humor is extremely quick and subtle, that it can be easily looked over. Example, Danny Mcbride rowing the canoe down that stream and the fake alien falls on them and crashes into the water...the look on Mcbride's face is so freaking funny and he tells them "you're paying for that". Why on Earth would Holly and Marshall need to pay for that? haha, it just cracks me up. I enjoy quick comedy like that. The movie is very cheesy by design, and other than Marshall, there isn't any character depth, but it is a fun movie and the humor is fairly consistent all the way through. 7 out of 10 here

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