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Safe House (2012)


5/10: Denzel and his rules, mentoring yet another rookie
Monday, February 13, 2012

www.Ramascreen.com --Here we go again with Denzel mentoring a rookie by sharing some of his ground rules. SAFE HOUSE is very formulaic, it only makes you think like it's smart and if it weren't for the intense, unforgiving gunfights, one of the most exciting I've seen in cinema (Tombstone's gunfight still takes top honor) SAFE HOUSE probably wouldn't have much going to help me recommend it to you Training Day, Unstoppable, and now SAFE HOUSE, you'd pair up Denzel as a seasoned, experienced character with a rookie or a newbie who eventually steps up to the plate. Denzel is back as Mr. know it all, Mr. one step ahead of you, and he'd proudly preach it too whether or not you'd want to hear it. Ryan Reynolds plays the next Pine or the next Hawke, and just like those other guys, Reynolds' character is fully equipped with the knowledge and...

3/10: Another turd for the American public
Monday, March 12, 2012

One definition of insanity is repeating the same behavior and expecting different results.Therefore, I must be insane because I keep thinking American-made espionage movies are going to have a consistent, believable plot instead just a bunch of hyped-up, glossy BS.I have learned my lesson this time.Safehouse kept me and the rest of the audience laughing incredulously at the sheer absurdity that unfolded again and again in this tremendously silly film. Allow me to diagram the plot for you: 01. A hit squad - hired by the CIA - knows where their rogue agent is and converges on him to kill him.02. Rogue agent escapes, only to turn himself in to US government.03. Bumbling CIA team tries to make him talk, only to be ambushed by original CIA team.04. Rogue CIA agent is saved by silly patriotic CIA agent.05. Bumbling CIA leaders argue.06. Silly patriotic CIA agent tries to turn in rogue agent...

3/10: Nothing you haven't seen before
Thursday, February 23, 2012

I wanted to like this. I really did. I love Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds is good enough not to be type-casted while still holding onto his own style.Unfortunately, nothing works here.This movie is incredibly simple to summarize, due to it's simplicity. Ryan Reynolds plays a caretaker of a Safe House. He's a CIA agent trying to prove himself, and that chance comes when Tobin Frost (Denzel Washington, and the only character who's name I can even remember) is caught through some suspiciously specific circumstances comes his way.Sounds cool, right? It's not.Specifically? It's nothing we haven't seen. Corrupt government, predictable plot points and you'll figure out who the bad guy is halfway through the movie, which takes away some of it's sting. It predictably tried to make us think the woman-agent (I don't even know their names) was working against the office but it wasn...

8/10: I'll take it from here
Sunday, February 26, 2012

Tobin Frost is a CIA agent who's turned rogue. When he is pursued by men who want to kill him, he goes to the American Consulate where he knows he will be arrested.When the CIA learns of this, it's decided to bring him to a safe house in Capetown. Shortly after they arrive, the men who chased Frost storm the safe house and kill everyone there.Matt Weston, the agent who's tasked with looking after the safe house, is the only one left, so he takes Frost and they go on the run. While on the run, Frost tells Weston that the only way those men found the safe house was that someone on the inside told them about it.Eventually Frost escapes and Weston is told to report to Langley but just as he's about to, he recalls something that Frost did that helps him figure out where he could be going.But just...

1/10: Shake, Shake, Shake... Shake, Shake, Shake... Shake That Camera
Friday, February 17, 2012

If there wasn't so much expository dialog about how formidable Denzel Washington's rogue agent Tobin Frost is, maybe he wouldn't have to live up to all that infamy once the story's underway.Beginning with a botched heist in South Africa, leading to Frost turning himself in to the C.I.A. and taken to the first of three Safe Houses, where he's watched by a young agent Weston played by an extremely serious Ryan Reynolds.But there are a lot of really nasty people who want him dead, and the first of several bombastic action scenes, practically impossible to view as the camera rocks back and forth without ceasing, leads to Weston, with Frost as his prisoner, taking to the streets – till Frost shakes his tail and When the duo meet again, and we realize the bad guys are supposed to be the good guys (like in every Hollywood film involving the C.I.A...

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