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American Pie (1999)


The thing that got me...
Wednesday, April 20, 2022

The thing that got me about this film is that the four boys here would have no issue at all getting a playmate. My favourite was either Chris Klein ("Oz") or "Kevin" (Thomas Ian Nicholas) depending on my mood - but the fact they all get caught up into this almost puerile, faux-angsty existence really bored me. The girls are equally stunning most of the time, and just as (if not more) sexually curious - what's the beef? The script/humour plays to just about every stereotype imaginable: the sporty jocks and the dimwit broads; the parents who react to their offspring's sexual predilections as if they, themselves, had never had a shag in their lives. The characters are so shallow and have enough implausibly intense conversations about scoring that makes you want to reach for a pen-knife to put a notch on the bed-post (or a hole in your own left leg). Seann William Scott and...

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