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Julia's Eyes (2010)


Twin sisters Julia and Sara...
Friday, June 12, 2020

Twin sisters Julia and Sara (each played by Belén Rueda) both suffer from a degenerative eye disease that robs them of their sight; Sara lost her vision completely, and it’s only a matter of time before Julia’s sight follows. The film begins with the death of the blind Sara, apparently being menaced by someone in her home, then hanging herself. Details surrounding Sara’s death don’t add up for Julia, however; why would Sara kill herself? She was scheduled to have an operation to restore her sight, and she just met someone. Julia and her husband Isaac (Lluís Homar) begin to investigate, but time is running out: Sara may have been murdered, her danger is now turning toward Julia, and the added stress is stealing Julia’s remaining vision ever faster... There are so many great concepts here. The most primary is blindness, and the terror it invokes. Our heroine knows the remaining time she has with...

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