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Out of Time (2003)


8/10: Suspense, Action & Great Entertainment
Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Out Of Time" is full of excitement, danger and suspense and although its rather intricate plot is very familiar in nature, it's totally gripping from start to finish. Inspiration for the story was obviously drawn from all those film noirs about a guy who makes a bad decision which gets him into a fix and then has to race against time to prove his innocence. The significance to the story of a life insurance policy is reminiscent of "Double Indemnity" (1944) and the presence of a hapless man who's involved in an investigation where he knows that all the evidence is certain to point to his guilt, brings to mind "The Big Clock" (1948). There's even a scene in a hotel where Denzel Washington is unable to leave by the main exit because of all the activity in the foyer and this replicates a very similar situation in "The Big Clock" where Ray Milland is confronted by...

7/10: Denzel gives this class
Wednesday, June 9, 2004

This is a good standard and efficient thriller starring Denzel Washington. The film is pretty routine but by having Denzel the film is given extra class. Anyway the story centers around Denzel's character, Matt Whitlock a police chief. He is seeing married woman Ann Merai Harrison (Sanaa Lathan) behind the back of major league A-hole Chris (Dean `Superman' Cain). Ann is dying of cancer and she and Denzel want to be together but the problem is she has to have expensive treatment abroad. Ann transfers her life insurance policy and makes Matt the sole beneficiary. When they decide to cash in on the policy Denzel loses his sense of morals and is overcome by his love for Ann. He steals $500,000 of confiscated drugs money that is in an evidence lock up. He give it to Ann and sets up a meeting. He knows that further down the line they can cash the insurance policy and he...

7/10: Flawed but still exciting suspense film; Denzel is excellent (as always
Sunday, October 6, 2013

The question here is who is the bad guy...who is the badder guy. And who is going to win. It's that simple.Denzel Washington is the chief of police in a small town along the Florida Keys. He has $450,000 in drug money in a safe...the booty from a drug bust that is both local and federally related. He is getting divorced from his wife, a homicide detective (Eva Mendes), and is currently dating a young woman played by Sanaa Lathan, whose husband (Dean Cain) is a security guard. Lathan has been diagnosed with terminal cancer, and Denzel decides to give her the drug money to buy experimental cancer drugs, instead of turning it over to the feds. After doing so, her body and her husband's body -- and the money (?) -- are apparently found in their burned out house. Circumstantially, Denzel will appear guilty, and in part he is, but not of murder. And then the...

4/10: Decent thriller if
Tuesday, December 16, 2003

This movie, for me, is most comprable to The Negotiator. Star cop (although here, the main character has more flaws than Danny in the Negotiator) gets framed for a murder/embezzlement scheme and has to prove his innocence in a limited time, despite the enormous amount of evidence stacked against him.I like those kinds of movies, so I didn't find this one to be too bad with the exception of two things: the predictable plot points (although I think I've just been watching way too many of these movies, so I've come to follow the formula) and the rather thin ending that never really went into much detail as to why the star cop was set up unlike other thrillers where the antagonists usually explain their schemes in considerable detail (some parts filled in by the protagonist). This one was left somewhat unexplained before eliminating the bad guys. A decent movie, but probably one they didn...

6/10: Liked It Better Than Most People Did, But Still Not Up To Standards
Thursday, June 29, 2006

This is one of the few Denzel Washington movies that flopped. It was just wasn't likable enough to hit a chord with moviegoers. His acting is still fine, but the film as a whole wasn't up to Washington's standards.Being someone attracted to good visuals, I loved the colors in this film, set in South Florida. The orange-and-greens were beautiful and I enjoyed the music, too. It all elevated the likability of this modern day film-noir for me. Unfortunately, a lot of people were bored with this because it had so little action. That didn't bother me, although I have to admit at one point I began wondering "when is something violent going to happen." Many film noirs were like this, anyway, building up tension until the end.I still found it pretty interesting most of the way, with a nice twist at the end. It's worth a rental, but not a...

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