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Mary Poppins (1964)

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10/10: I desire individuals to again...
Tuesday, December 14, 1999

I desire individuals to again try it. `Sour', `not almost thus expressive as ‘The Audio of Songs', `Disney's best accomplishment' ... I'd examine critics' responses like these with puzzlement. Acquired they noticed the exact same movie I acquired? And simply because it transformed out there, it had been me. I nevertheless believe that anyone who phone calls `Mary Poppins' Disney's finest will be getting stupid - Disney's finest hr had been obviously the one that noticed `Pinocchio', smart movie, NOT sweet overly.Whead wear won me over had been the stopping. James Tomlinson adjustments from a mechanised banker to a individual getting with astonishing fluency. It's not any one scene: it's the entire prolonged sequence, from the run on the standard bank to the end credits. And it's not just Tomlinson's acting, either, but the very long, lingering photos of him standing up and walking in darkness, and a use of music that's...

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