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One Missed Call (2008)


1/10: One missed call, one stupid movie
Friday, January 4, 2008

Some tips on how to write a horror movie...All you need is a young hero or heroine who discovers some kind of cursed device is killing off all of their friends. The device may be anything, just as long as it's something we use everyday like a computer or something. After a group of the hero's faceless and underdeveloped friends die (The depiction of said deaths will depend on whether or not your film is PG-13 or R.), the hero must then team up with a second hero, and try to discover what's going on. After going through old files and visiting creepy old buildings that hold secrets of the past, the lead characters must discover that the cursed object is tied into some tragic past event, usually revolving around a spooky little girl. As the clock ticks down to the hero's own death, they must race to right the wrongs of the past...

2/10: The Bottom Has Been Scraped
Friday, January 11, 2008

Like many lousy horror films, the premise to "One Missed Call" isn't half bad, though perhaps a bit recycled. In this one, Leann Cole (Azura Skye) receives a strange voice-mail message: Her own voice, panicked, terrified, and screaming. Two days later, she dies in a freak accident, uttering the same words and screams that she heard on her cell phone.One by one, the members of Leann's circle of friends receive phone messages of themselves moments before death – only to end up dying exactly as indicated. Beth Raymond (Shannyn Sossamon) witnesses all this but can't explain it. And when her own phone rings, Beth hears her coming demise and has barely a day to discover who is placing the calls and why.Whether you liked "The Ring" or not, there was a certain novelty to it at the time. Then came "The Grudge", "Dark Water", "The Skeleton Key", and a dozen others. With "One Missed...

3/10: Has Its Moments, But Overall A Very Poor Horror Remake
Friday, January 4, 2008

One Missed Call" follows a college coed named Beth (Shannyn Sossamon), whose friend, Leann (Azura Skye) dies in a freak accident after receiving a strange phone message that seems to be a recording of her death that followed two days after it was received. Not only that, but another one of Leann's friends, Shelley (Meagan Good) had a similar incident before her bizarre death. When Beth meets detective Andrews (Edward Burns), who believes there is truth to the strange events, the two team up to try and discover the source of the murderous chain of phone messages. And when Beth receives one herself, it becomes a race against time before she meets her predetermined fate as well.To get things clear in the beginning, I have not seen the original Japanese version of this film, so I cannot make a comparison between the two. However, I can say that this remake was quite a mess of a movie, regardless...

6/10: So, you are telling me not to receive my voice mails!! Still liked it though
Thursday, May 20, 2010

I am a huge horror genre fan and this was coming on TV the other day and I thought it wouldn't hurt to give this a try, not knowing it had a rating of 3.5 here on IMDb. After watching it, I felt it was an OK movie and the plot was very interesting. This is a remake of a Japanese film. I think it would have been even more wonderful to see it in the original version. Also, seeing this film in a crowd makes it into a comedy. So, watch it alone in the dark and get creeped out.The story begins by the accidental burning up of a hospital and a little girl, along with her teddy bear, is staring forlornly towards the raging inferno. She has been rescued by the firefighters, but she doesn't say a word to them. Many people are dead due to that fire and the girl's sister is...

8/10: Tense, Atmospheric Chiller About Haunted Cell Phones
Monday, January 7, 2008

No, cell phones don't kill people in the creepy new supernatural nail-biter "One Missed Call." Instead, a vengeful ghost with a cell phone kills people. French director Eric Valette, who helmed the 2002 occult chiller "Maléfique," makes his English-language film debut and shows strong visual flair with otherwise formulaic subject matter. Teaming up with scenarist Andrew Klavan, who penned the 1990 black comedy "A Shock to the System," Valette and he conjure up a veritable buffet of chills in their atmospheric, above-average rendition of Takashi Mike's scary 2003 Japanese ghoulfest "Chakushin Ari." The original Asian horror film—tame by Takashi Mike standards--ranks only a notch or two above Valette's sturdy remake. Valette's remake wraps things up about 30 minutes faster than Mike's original. A chilling cinematic experience in its own right, "One Missed Call" (*** out of ****) will give you more than enough goose bumps and make you dread the prospect of checking...

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