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The Rig (2010)

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5/10: The Rig
Wednesday, March 2, 2011

An oil rig opens a hole on the ocean floor while drilling, releasing ferocious creatures which attack humans seemingly for the hell of it. The creatures have scales down their backs and tails, a mouth full of razor sharp teeth, slimy black bodies, alien eyes, and long talons to rip into flesh. These ocean monsters also shriek and move really fast so it's hard to pick them up on the security monitors or hunt and kill them. During a stormy night, a skeleton crew on board the rig are savagely butchered one at a time(as in most horror movies, it is when each character is separated from the group or working alone in an area without prior knowledge of the monster's existence), and it will take the remaining survivors formulating a plan to trick the creatures into an isolated area to hopefully set up an explosion which will kill them using gas and flares. William Forsythe turns...

5/10: mediocre creature feature
Thursday, August 11, 2011

On an oils rig out at sea a young inexperienced roughneck Colin ( Dan Benson) is operating a remote camera while they place the drill on the sea floor and open a vent but something pushed at the drill and then the camera is attacked and goes dead. Then we cut to Colin bitching to his brother Freddy (Stacey Hinnen) about getting sent off the rig as an approaching storm means non-essential crew are being evacuated. This dull scene of family BS and childish hissy fit is a bad sign for this film. Colin leaves for the mainland to go and sulk in his room or something. So now we have the skeleton crew on the rig isolated from any hope rescue while the rig is hit by a storm. We In the control room there is a Scottish guy with a red beard called Wallace and young smart-ass called Andrew. Jim (William Forsythe) the guy in charge of...

2/10: All around poor job
Friday, January 10, 2014

The Rig was forced upon me because I decided to watch it before it expired on instant and I always try to watch everything on my queue before it expires. That being said, I probably would never have watched this movie without that nudge...It starts off with some of the worst acting I have ever seen and that is saying a lot because I've seen some bad movies. Some movies can overcome even bad acting if the plot is good. This movie is not one of those. After the horrible voice-over, the movie just goes downhill. There are some decent things about the movie but nothing that can make up for what this movie is lacking. William Forsythe, Art LaFleur and (maybe) Serah D'Laine make every other person's poor acting stand out that much more. Unfortunately for Forsythe and LaFleur, their costume department decided that it was necessary for them to wear pants that go...

1/10: An inexcusable waste of resources
Tuesday, January 11, 2011

and whatever precious fluids, bodily or otherwise, that went into this shoddy piece of make-work cinema (and I use the term loosely, given that it was obviously shot on Hi-Def video and went straight to Shlockbuster and whatever other outlets were foolish enough to carry it). It's a snooze of a creature-feature (with a monster that's, at best, an upscale Halloween costume) with a script likely written in haste on scrap paper, indifferent acting (these people had to know they were in a pile of dreck, and William "The Rock" Forsythe should be slapped for slumming; Art "Field of Dreams" LaFleur can at least be forgiven for needing work), horrendously awful direction, static, boring camera-work. A quick scan of the credits reveals the sad truth that "The Rig" is a vanity piece, a "family affair" designed to spotlight the son of the producer and the co-screen-meddler, whose turn as a Colin Hanks...

5/10: Spoilers follow
Saturday, December 2, 2017

The idea of something monstrous loose on a storm-lashed oil rig is a very appealing one. A more remote, dangerous outpost it is difficult to imagine. Director Peter Atencio makes good use of a clearly low budget and ushers in a moody and claustrophobic atmosphere, fills it with a gruff working crew, and Writer CW Fallin brings them to life with some often witty dialogue. This, I always think, is the key to a level of success that belies budget – make the characters appealing (or most of them, at least) and the audience are affected by what happens to them.What happens to them is a fairly impressive series of death-by-monster. Many of these attacks are genuinely shocking, not so much in their execution – which is fine but hardly spectacular – but in the way they occur at the least expected moments.It's disheartening to see a fair amount of negative online reviews for this. It doesn...

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