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Frozen II (2019)

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3/10: Performance and visuals were decent...
Monday, December 2, 2019

Performance and visuals were decent, but writing problems made it pretty poor overall. Wooden dialogue was otherwise we'll delivered. An excessive number of outright bad songs (with only one exception) were none the less well sung.Character arcs and motivations were rudimentary, though at least they were not out-of-character. Yet the overall narrative barely held together as a coherent story, from its entirely literal call to adventure then through one contrived conflict and convenient solution after another, ending a series of underwhelming climaxes.Poor writing was the problem, the screenwriting and the songwriting. There were decent ideas throughout the film that consistently failed in their implementation. It made for a film trying but failing to punch well above it's weight, more like a direct-to-video Aladdin sequel with higher production values then the unexpected breakout success of Frozen.

10/10: Stuck in the shadow of...
Monday, June 29, 2020

Stuck in the shadow of the original Having seen both the first Frozen and Frozen 2 as an adult, my perspective might be different from others, but I have to say I actually like the second one better. The music is more interesting, the message is less simple and cheesy, and the effects are stunning. Granted, the story is a little complicated, but only enough to make it interesting. And let me say it again, the music is definitely better! Into the Unknown, Lost in the Woods, Show Yourself, and even the lullaby are moving, humorous, or epic pieces, and even the songs not mentioned by name here are at the very least good as well. Expectations were high for this movie after the first and I think some people expected something a little lighter and more fun, but this sequel certainly still has moments of humor and is a truly beautiful story.

9/10: It's all about change...
Wednesday, November 20, 2019

It's all about change. If you think the teasers are somewhat dark, Frozen 2 will deliver that,. And a good sequel I would say. (This has a post-credit scene in case you're wondering)The songs are great. Especially Kristoff's song, an 80's jam as Jonathan Groff would say it. Even the animation looks like an 80's music video which I find funny. Olaf's comedic skits are even funnier. For Into the Unknown, not as catchy as Let it Go but time will tell. The animation, the best. Elsa got even beautifuller. If you saw the water animation you would see *much* more of that. The story is bigger, questions are answered, but there are some points that look silly. The plot is predictable but personally I enjoyed it.The only thing I'm having a hard time agreeing with is the ending.

2/10: Nothing Original Let me state...
Sunday, November 24, 2019

Nothing Original Let me state before I go further, I loved the original. The original had heart, warmth, re playable songs. Maybe I saw the original too much and expected the same? Maybe between Frozen and Frozen 2 there were one too many shorts?I can't even tell you what the plot for Frozen 2 is about, and I just SAW it. The plot is literally all over the place. As everyone states, the only great thing about Frozen 2 is the superb animation,, but the story is dry.The songs are not memorable or catchy as the original. I didn't feel any love in Frozen 2, this definitely feels another quick " let's make a fast Billion dollars again!" Even the new actors feel "miscasted".Sterling K Brown, great actor, felt off in this. It felt there was poor direction.

3/10: I want to see the...
Friday, November 22, 2019

I want to see the movie that was portrayed in the trailer... As much as I hate to say this, aside from the gorgeous visuals, the plot; third act, was VERY poor. Nothing really happens. There is no threat, no villain, no obstacle...Elsa wanders off to a 'fortress of solitude' type place where she dies? or freezes? Anna sings about her grief, the song itself was great but I couldn't feel anything for her because Elsa's outcome was very ambiguous? Anna is set out to do something that could set Elsa free but....there are no consequences which was mentioned about a hundred times..."the water will destroy Arendelle..." and all of a sudden Elsa comes out of nowhere and stops the flood. It was too rushed, and the plot itself was not fulfilling, AT ALL.

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