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The Lodger (2009)

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7/10: The Lodger Murders Movie Audiences...
Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Lodger Murders Movie Audiences "The Lodger," now on DVD develops a storyline involving a tenant living with a lonely landlady and serial killings in the West Hollywood area of Los Angeles. The film seems to involve two separate stories, with different characters who meet in the final climactic finish; however, no closure is given to the story as the killer within "The Lodger," escapes capture. Alfred Molina, the lead in the film begins the story at the scene of a grisly murder and the picture revolves mostly around this character's attempts at tracking down an anonymous serial killer. The settings are primarily shot in the downtown Los Angeles area with several scenes from an urban neighbourhood contrasting the busyness of the city. The characters and lives of Detective Manning (Molina) are given an early initial reveal while the back stories of the landlady and the lodger are not given even a partial reveal until midway into the film...

3/10: Jill The Ripper? Here's...
Sunday, February 6, 2011

Jill The Ripper? Here's the opening scene. The camera moves slowly, at a stroller's pace, along a Los Angeles sidewalk. It encounters a gate with a "Room For Rent" sign. The camera glides onto the pathway between the untended gardens of weeds towards what passes in Los Angeles for an ominous house. Then it drops to a close up of a newspaper near the doorstep.Is this a point-of-view shot, with the camera showing us what the person is seeing? No. A hand reaches down, picks up the newspaper, and a blond housewife (Davis) strolls back through the door.What it is, boys and girls, is an imitation of one of Hitchcock's swooping introductions, ripped off shamelessly from "Psycho" and "Frenzy", and that newspaper on which so much attention is lavished and which was of significance in "Psycho" plays no further part in the plot.Other Hitchcock ripoffs, just from the opening few minutes: (1...

6/10: Jack's back! And West...
Sunday, May 23, 2010

Jack's back! And West L.A's got him! ***SPOILERS*** Modernized version of Marie Lowndes' 1913 novel about the infamous "Jack the Ripper" who terrorized the Whitechaple-Kensington sections of London in the late summer and early fall of 1888 resulting in the brutal murders of at least 6 women. In this updated version of the famous "Jack the Ripper", who was never caught, saga the crimes committed by a copy cat of his are in West L.A with L.A homicide detective Chandler Manning, Alfred Molina, trying to track down and, if at all possible, apprehend the elusive psycho. That's before he disappears forever only to resurface some ten years later to continue his what's by now 120 year murder spree.It was in fact Det. Manning who apprehended a "Jack the Ripper" like killer seven years earlier, Emilio Rodriguez, who ended up being executed for the murder of two L.A prostitutes just day...

5/10: Sometimes tense, but mostly muddled...
Saturday, January 12, 2013

Sometimes tense, but mostly muddled storyline This movie fits into my category of a movie that I felt compelled to continue watching but ultimately ended up being disappointing. That does not mean I will withhold a recommendation from the film, however. I did not read very much about "The Lodger" before watching it. I was hoping that this would add an air of suspense to my viewing. It did, but it is possible it may have also led me to criticize it more harshly than I would have if I had known more about the plot.My first problem with the movie came very early on. Detective Manning gets a letter from evidence which is very obviously a facsimile of the "Dear Boss" letter from the Jack the Ripper investigations. This letter was the first of three letters that have been studied along with the Ripper case. "Dear Boss" was the first letter that mentioned the name "Jack the Ripper...

6/10: Entertaining low-budget mystery, but...
Saturday, March 14, 2009

Entertaining low-budget mystery, but don't expect too much Based off the same book as Alfred Hitchcock's 1927 adaptation, this version of 'The Lodger' yields a surprisingly strong cast in Alfred Molina, Rachel Leigh Cook, Philip Baker Hall, Donald Logue, Simon Baker, and Hope Davis. It tells the tale of a not-so-happy couple that rents out a room to a mysterious young man and begin to discover deeper secrets about him. . . like that he may be involved in a series of local murders.When I first saw the IMDb page for this film, I was stunned that such a strong cast and solid idea didn't make it very far into theatres, especially with as successful as horror has been so far this year. Unfortunately, low-budget horror re-adaptations tend to have some pretty bad stigmas associated with them ('I Am Omega,' 'The Raven'). . . because they're usually pretty terrible. It's even more difficult...

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