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Grizzly Park (2008)

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7/10: Slightly uneven but still somewhat...
Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Slightly uneven but still somewhat enjoyable "Grizzly Park" is a fun but somewhat flawed killer bear film.**SPOILERS**Out on a special mission, youths Bebe, (Emily Foxler) Ryan Forbes, (Kavan Reece) Ty Brown, (Shedrack Anderson III) Lola Sanchez, (Zulay Henao) Candy Reece, (Julie Skon) Kiki Saito, (Jelynn Rodriguez) Scab, (Randy Wayne) and Trickster, (Trevor Peterson) are lead by Ranger Bob, (Glenn Morshower) out into the wilderness to do their community service by cleaning up the state park. All trying to get along together, they begin to hike into the forest to the cabin where they will undergo their treatment, and after experiencing a few side-adventures, they make it to the cabin. After settling in, they realize that several of them have gone missing along the way, and it soon dawns on them that a killer bear has been stalking them the entire time and attacking the stragglers, forcing them to try to get out of the park alive and...

2/10: Glenn, you deserve so much...
Sunday, March 9, 2008

Glenn, you deserve so much better....... The excellent Glenn Morshower was my main reason for watching this film. Over the past few years he's cornered he market on stoic, dependable, "down-home," authority/military types, with his performance as Secret Service Agent Aaron Pierce on, "24," being the pinnacle of that particular type and a true highlight of that series. Therefore I was naturally excited to see that he had finally been given the lead role in a movie (as opposed to standing behind the lead, usually in a military uniform).It would seem at first glance those doing the casting had a keen sense of humour, having Glenn doing his, "stoic," bit as a park ranger to a bunch of Community Service teens being stalked by a grizzly in the wilds providing a funny dynamic in a well worn horror staple. How wrong I was.The film itself suffers from a terminal case of slowness, with scenes that...

3/10: I've Seen Far Worse...
Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I've Seen Far Worse Movies You know what? I've seen worse. In fact, I've seen a lot worse. There were some fun things in this. Overall, the performances were pretty good. In fact, I thought that Glenn Morshower as Ranger Bob played that part perfectly - straight-laced, all business, with even a certain fatherly side to him that came across pretty well. And, until the twist at the end ruined the fun of the character ('nuff said) I was even liking the character of Bebe (Emily Foxler.) I wondered, actually, if the name "Bebe" might have been a sort of take off on the character of "Phoebe" from the old TV series "Friends" (get the rhyme - "Bebe" and "Phoebe") because Foxler's way of portraying the character was actually a bit reminiscent of Lisa Kudrow's portrayal of Phoebe in that long running hit show. So, there were things in this movie that worked reasonably well, and...

1/10: How can anyone BEAR to...
Sunday, March 16, 2008

How can anyone BEAR to watch this sh*te? Spoilers Oh my god!!! Where do I start?This has to be one of the most poorly made movies I have ever seen. Dire acting (with the exception of Ranger Bob, who at least tries), a script that is, well, I can't do it justice as to just how bad it is in mere words. EG: A bear attacks and kills 2 of the 5 cast members, the other 3 lock themselves in an old barn with 10 inch gaps in-between the wooden panels which it never occurs to them to look through before attempting to go outside. The bear walks round the barn sniffing at the 3 geeks. 10 seconds later it all goes quiet and one of the geeks is told to 'check outside to see if it safe' 10 whole seconds and so he opens the door (instead of simply looking through the gaps) and says...

5/10: Grisly prank Finally I acquired...
Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Grisly prank Finally I acquired an opportunity to dig my teeth into the anticipated DVD release of Grizzly Park, which I grabbed in a local video store without reservations after having read a couple of positive reviews on an advanced screening of this latest monster flick.As I expected the film is packed with many obligatory elements and features that make up for a good horror movie: gorgeous scenery, murderer on the loose, deadly giant bear, severed heads and limbs and, of course, a handful of screaming hot chicks.The acting is decent, with not so many annoyingly stupid dialogs often expected from independent shoestring budget slashers. I was impressed with strong and forcible performance of the leading man Glenn Morshower assuming the role of Ranger Bob, a man who was assigned to guide a bunch of kids sentenced to community service in a remote ranch forest under a correctional program for young offenders.Visual effects, although not abound and...

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