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Long Live the King (2019)


5/10: Good Enough
Sunday, September 22, 2019

Long Live the King : Mokpo Hero " was okay.The movie didn't have a plot that you haven't watched before. Actually, there are many korean dramas and movies that have pretty much the same story. However, this movie did it better than the rest. They kept the pace nice and quick and the atmosphere of the movie was just right. The performances, in addition, were really good from every actor and actress in the film. The only minus of this drama was the plot. It just was a bit boring and predictable.So, overall, five out of ten

10/10: What a unique film! highly recommended
Sunday, April 25, 2021

I love the whole direction of this film. Kim Rae Won deserves to be this kind and humble gangster, I think it's about a gansgter man who suddenly falls in love with a beautiful woman, trying to be a good man for Kang So Hyun and the people of Mokpo. I really enjoyed it about this film. Quite unique and amuse me

8/10: Another korean
Sunday, September 15, 2019

Movie and superb loved it Couple of slow parts but overall well worth owning dvd

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