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Spiral (2007)

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Movie Cast


3/10: "Spiral" off center (Spoilers) In...
Wednesday, April 23, 2008

"Spiral" off center (Spoilers) In order to describe what's seriously wrong with this movie it has to contain some *spoilers* so if you're going to see it and expect to be surprised, don't read this!I liked everything about this movie except the plot; and in a thriller like this believable plot is essential. It is well acted, if a bit slow moving, and the camera work and Portland scenes are exquisite for a low-budget, unpretentious picture. The dialog is very good. Mason is seriously withdrawn youth who works at a telemarketing company selling insurance. His high school buddy, Berkeley, is his employer and looks after him like a brother despite the fact that Mason is quite obviously mentally ill. Mason has nightmares which send him gasping and fumbling for his inhaler. His visions and nightmares suggest that he has had serious problems with good-looking women in his past, and the movie seems to be...

10/10: See This Film. Spiral is...
Wednesday, April 2, 2008

See This Film. Spiral is the story of Mason, played by co-director, co-writer, producer Joel David Moore from Hatchet. Mason is a telemarketer, who likes to paint mysterious women, and consumes nothing but peanut butter sandwiches, apples and milk. (Just a warning, before viewing, you may want to be sure to have these items in the house in case you have a sudden craving. Or maybe that's just me?) Mason's life is a mess; he's messing up at work, having panic attacks that end in 3am phone calls, and freaky visions of some waitress. Mason is like a child in a man's body, awkward, scared; he needs a lot of help that he unfortunately isn't getting. Mason's only "friend" is Berkeley, played by producer Zachary Levi, who I hear has a show called Chuck but I've never seen it. Berkeley doesn't so much help Mason, as treat him like crap...

1/10: Simply atrocious To pick something...
Thursday, July 15, 2010

Simply atrocious To pick something abysmal at random say for example, Hack, with it's Saw rip off DVD cover it's a pathetic "horror" comedy cash in but you know what to expect. This on the other hand with it's recommendation quotes on the cover and such a good score on this website. What???# Sorry this is one of the worst films i have seen in a long time.Everything about this movie grates. The characters, the plot, the double "twist" ending, the fingernails on blackboard jazz score (punctuated once only by a pass the sick bag melancholy indie dirge at the graveside scene).The lead character, Mason is an extremely dysfunctional individual. A morbid social misfit with a penchant for sketching who can only communicate over the phone with his clients in his call centre booth or with the centre manager (who also plays a different kind of repulsive character,as in selfish, womanising).The story progresses...

8/10: great style!!! Now this is...
Friday, July 18, 2008

great style!!! Now this is really a movie for anybody, who is not only focused on getting a gripping story when going to the movies. Everyone who can get the kicks out of nicely staged and directed pictures, visual effects, lighting and the whole scenery will be pleased to see this one!I got interested in the movie because of its director, Adam Green. Unlike many other users here i saw HATCHET on the 2006 Fantasy-Film-Fest in Germany and loved it! So i looked through IMDb from time to time, to see what he would do next.First of all i have to warn all the "Horror/Gore/Splatter/whatever"-Fans. This movie has absolutely nothing in common with HATCHET except for its director and leading actor! Second: Don' t watch the trailer! It is a real spoiler, and it lets the viewer assume that SPIRAL would be a psycho-thriller, with a really dark atmosphere all the...

5/10: Completely Missed Opportunity This could...
Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Completely Missed Opportunity This could have been a different and much better movie. Apparently I saw a potential depth to it that completely escaped the filmmakers. So I find myself in the odd position of disagreeing with all the other reviewers. What they hated about it I liked. What they liked about it I hated. I was unaware of the filmmakers' link to the splatter film "Hatchet", which I have not watched and have no intention to. So my review of this film is based solely upon its own merits and not on any similarity or differences to some other movie. So, what's right about this movie? I actually liked the slow development of the characters. I came to care about them. I began to root for the budding relationship between the two leads. Was Mason actually autistic, or was he a victim of emotional trauma? Was there hope for him to come out of his shell with the...

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