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Countdown (2019)

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3/10: Waste of money, cliché and...
Sunday, October 27, 2019

Waste of money, cliché and predictable. This horror movie was a huge disappointment. Though some things were decent, it's definitely not worth time and money, The idea of finding out when you'll die could've been explored in a much more creative and scary way meaning this film had lots of wasted potential. The only scares were the cheap jump scares.Certain aspects of the movie such as the protagonist and those she knows being tormented by the "demon thing" a lot more than the girl and guy at the beginning doesn't make sense. It sort of contradicts what the Father says during his scenes. Also what were those scenes about anyways?? Although they were funny, they definitely went a bit overboard and it started to feel like a comedy instead of a horror; it was super hard to take the movie seriously. The fact that the demons powers suddenly stopped working such as not being able...

4/10: Leave the politics out... It...
Saturday, January 11, 2020

Leave the politics out... It's a decent movie for entertainment purposes. Definitely not scary or anything...felt more like a supernatural episode without Sam and Dean.But what's with the White man is bad, stupid, and sexist? We didn't need the whole sexual harassment by a white male who has the others on the board agreeing with him...with only the black woman believing her. Do we really need the MeToo side story in this? Why is it necessary? Then the bad white man getting violent after Quinn hits his car. Then the Chivalrous and smart black man comes to save the day and to add, "I'm going to die and don't mind taking a white person with me". Like come on! Then goto a bar where a drunk moron talking about conspiracy theories is stupidly convinced to download an app...and you guessed it...he's white. Then the other nurse comes to Quinn...

5/10: The racism. 🎬 In this...
Sunday, May 10, 2020

The racism. 🎬 In this movie, there's a scene where the black guy comes up to an accident caused by the girl, trying to whitekight for her he tells a white guy, "I just found out I'm gonna die, and maybe I feel like taking a white man with me." Imagine. Imagine just for one second if a white character said that to a black character. If you see nothing wrong with that, you are what's wrong with today's world. And don't come at me thinking I'm some angry white boy. I am not white. What I am is tired of this racism that goes unchecked because "you can't be racist towards white people." It is absolutely moronic and infuriating that a line like that makes it through and no one bats an eye.Anyway. The movie itself is pretty decent. I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. There are jump...

1/10: Has a lot of unnecessary...
Friday, January 17, 2020

Has a lot of unnecessary jump scares Did anyone notice toward the end of the movie. The little sister timer showed 1 minute 50s. Afterwards big sister has this long fight scene with the perverted Dr. Then the scene switches back to the little sister and the timer is 1 min 20s .Whats up with that? I lost interest in this movie halfway through. None of the characters invested me. Their attempts to bring in side characters halfway through with a very forced romance didn't work for me either. And the over abundance of unnecessary subplots ate away at the pacing of the film. I thought it was poorly handled. The only thing was the weird automatic death scenes of two of the victims. One just flew up in the air in the bathroom and one just fell down the stairs. If the death scenes were not automatic and more like real accidents or more thought out, I'd...

8/10: I liked this more than...
Wednesday, January 15, 2020

I liked this more than expected, especially when... ...I noticed this is novice director and writer Justin Dec's first full length feature film.The directing - camera work and directing his cast, seemed that of a seasoned director - bravo. Sure this story sounds familiar, but still, the screenplay was surprisingly tight and perfectly paced with the just-right run-time of 90 mins. Even the score didn't have that cheesiness you'd expect in these types of B-grade films, and was just right at the right times to increase the tension and suspense. Casting was on point, with a stellar performance by Elizabeth Lail.I feel the critics were way too hard on this film, especially when they didn't consider it was put together by a novice filmmaker. Would I recommend this film? Absolutely. Will I see it again? Already did with friends. It's a well deserved 8/10 from me. To see more of my...

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